How CIENCE Increased Sales Qualified Leads for DataWeave

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DataWeave Case Study

About DataWeave

DataWeave is an advanced AI-powered analytics SaaS platform with solutions and insights that empower global consumer brands, e-commerce, and omnichannel retailers to optimize sales and marketing activities. Data analytics insights from DataWeave improve customer loyalty, retention, spending while increasing competitiveness, revenue, and profits. 

DataWeave provides global retailers with Competitive Intelligence-as-a-Service by aggregating, organizing, and analyzing a vast amount of structured and unstructured data at a massive scale to deliver ongoing actionable insights. 

Digital and omnichannel retailers, consumer brands, food and grocery delivery platforms/marketplaces, and travel companies trust DataWeave to deliver scalable data insights they can’t achieve using internal resources and systems. These insights flow into a company’s decision-making, influencing marketing, pricing, customer service, loyalty programs, and retention strategies. 

Since launching in 2011, DataWeave has experienced a steady growth trajectory, winning clients worldwide, including Nordstrom, QVC, Adidas, and Bain & Company. 


Joe Bunner
Senior Digital Commerce Strategist
Information Technology & Services

The Story of DataWeave

The story of DataWeave started ten years ago when it began as a web-based analytics start-up in India. With an MVP, a dream, and a business plan, the founders were welcomed into TLabs, a prominent Indian start-up accelerator in February 2012. 

Joining TLabs ensured the founding team could refine product-market fit, growth strategies, and secure angel investment funding. Since then, DataWeave has grown steadily, expanding into the U.S., European, and Asia Pacific markets. 

After ten years of organic growth and development, DataWeave aimed to expand into three core omnichannel retail segments in the U.S., Europe, and Asia: 

  • Home Improvement (Lowes, Home Depot, and similar brands) 
  • Home Goods (Williams Sonoma, West Elm, and similar brands) 
  • Furniture (Ikea, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and similar brands)

Despite attempting to generate outbound leads with another provider and internally, the DataWeave team knew they were not getting the results needed to accelerate to scale. 

Retaining an effective sales team to deliver the desired results was also affecting strategic and operational decisions, motivating leadership to consider the best options for generating more leads. 

After many attempts trying to secure qualified leads in these target markets, DataWeave decided to turn to CIENCE to provide the sales support it needed to achieve its ambitious growth goals. 

Challenges & Scope

DataWeave was having difficulty sourcing a reliable outbound sales lead generation partner who could deliver a steady pipeline of viable, qualified sales leads. The scope of the project started with how to overcome some of the initial hurdles preventing DataWeave from hitting its target goals. 


One of the main challenges this campaign faced initially was ensuring that potential clients knew about DataWeave in the competitive B2B and software space. Overcoming low brand recognition and visibility could organically improve the volume of sales qualified leads (SQL) in the pipeline to meet its growth targets. 

Until working with CIENCE, sales was a manual and time-consuming process. Business development executives at DataWeave were casting a net too wide to generate viable new leads, using inconsistent messaging strategies. Lead generation was very far too sporadic and couldn't be scaled or relied upon. 


DataWeave was keen to win clients in the $200+ million revenue range. As they already work with Nordstrom and QVC, one of its aims was to secure meetings with others at that level. 

DataWeave needed a scalable sales process with a reliable outbound lead generation partner who could hit targets. A granular approach using a refined messaging strategy was essential to achieve success. With the goal of 500% annual growth, the aim was to secure as many warm and SQLs as possible. 


DataWeave saw a unique opportunity in CIENCE to help its sales team reposition its targeting. This would involve cleansing and refining their current database, which included 158,000 potential sales leads. Turning this raw data into a new database would be an important first step to achieving campaign success. 

“When speaking to the sales and marketing team, we agreed that combining digital marketing and outbound sales tactics was the approach that should successfully increase the volume and quality of sales leads in the pipeline,” said Nick Pelton, account manager at CIENCE.

Creating customized messaging for sales scripts, emails, and messages would be equally essential to the project’s success, paving the way for implementing an effective outbound sales campaign. 



CIENCE had extensive experience working with companies that were struggling with messaging, getting the sales and marketing mix right, and generating enough sales leads. This is especially true in competitive markets when a company is trying to define a strong unique selling proposition (USP). 

CIENCE team reasoned that, given the competitive nature of the e-commerce and omnichannel markets, many brands would be using, or have tried similar solutions. Securing qualified appointments meant identifying those who haven’t achieved an ROI from other analytics software providers.  

CIENCE was able to work diligently with DataWeave to create a detailed ideal customer profile (ICP).

“Our team worked to identify viable leads that were struggling with the very pain points that DataWeave solutions can solve. Not every outbound sales provider offers this service, so including ICP and messaging in the campaign made CIENCE stand out as the natural choice for DataWeave,” said Houssam Boumakhla, project manager at CIENCE.

“We’re most impressed with their field expertise and their in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs,” said Joe Bunner, senior digital commerce strategist at DataWeave. “CIENCE Technologies’ framework helps us meet our current benchmarks, and their team always ensures that we’re operating as professionally and effectively as possible.”


With experience and expertise, the CIENCE team was able to implement a strategy that generated results from day one, starting with an overhaul of DataWeave’s database to identify a qualified list of targets that matched the ideal customer profile (ICP) criteria.

Since the launch of the campaign in August 2020, CIENCE has helped DataWeave win new clients, generating a positive ROI for the company. CIENCE was able to deliver more than thirty appointments with potential customers, at a consistent rate of approximately three or more every month. 

To gain traction, CIENCE used an extensive multichannel approach as part of this campaign strategy, including emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messages, landing pages, and a series of programmatic ads. CIENCE deployed some of its most effective methodologies, including Best Contact Outreach, a Before-After-Bridge (BAB), and Smart Re-engagement.

“During the initial three-month pilot project, DataWeave quickly recognized the value of the outbound sales campaign once they won a new customer from a qualified sales conversation we secured for them,” said Pelton. “With a new customer secured, DataWeave was happy to continue this as an ongoing partnership.” 


Partnership Success

With the success of the partnership going strong, new leads and appointments continue to come in every month, helping DataWeave achieve its sales performance goals outlined from the start. 

“CIENCE has met our expectations by working hard to deliver polished and cost-effective results, ” said Joe Bunner. “Overall, we can definitely tell that they’re experts in their field through the feedback we’ve been receiving.” 

“One reason it’s been great working with DataWeave is they really get outbound. They understand what’s involved, how it works, and the ways we can ensure this is a collaborative and profitable partnership,” said Nick Pelton.

Their successful collaboration has been instrumental in getting the results DataWeave needed: “Another key advantage of working with DataWeave is that, from day one, this has always been a collaborative approach,” said Pelton. “Working together, we solved those problems, and this has contributed to the continued success of the campaign.” 

With technical expertise and a dependable framework, CIENCE has triumphed at delivering cost-effective outbound sales solutions to DataWeave. The collaborative spirit and dedication of both teams will help ensure many more successful campaigns to come.