How CIENCE Structured Outbound Efforts for Diffbot

Sales Development

Diffbot Case Study

About Diffbot

Diffbot is the largest global source of public, structured data. Focused on providing valuable and relevant web data to clients, Diffbot dramatically reduces time spent finding data on news, organizations, skills, and people on the web.

The Diffbot “knowledge graph” includes more than 1 trillion entities, 180 million organizations, 550 million people, 50K news sources in 55 languages, all interlinked to each other. With this graph of public data mixed with machine learning, a Diffbot user gets structured data instead of a traditional list of links.

Thousands of leading companies rely on Diffbot for their enterprise applications. Companies can use Diffbot’s visual content and layout recognition (VCLR) technology to read, interpret, structure, and fuse data from individual websites and across the web.

Aron Kuehnemann
Vice President of Sales

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: Before CIENCE, Diffbot had never systematically conducted outbound prospecting. In an inflection period of growth, they got tons of inbound attention with just a few qualified leads. They wanted to generate outbound demand but needed guidance and expertise during their first steps.

Need: Diffbot aimed to create a well-oiled outbound engine (internally, externally, or both) to achieve a goal of around ten scaled outbound appointments per month. Their ICP targeted companies in banking, eCommerce, consulting, and market research.

Opportunity: To support the fast growth of Diffbot, CIENCE Technologies structured a personalized outbound campaign. It kicked off with precise lead research and a multichannel outreach (email, social media, phone, and landing pages).


As Diffbot started 2020 with the intentional outbound demand generation in mind, they began to search for a partner—specifically a strong lead generation company that could support their initial foray into prospecting. They needed the expertise and guidance during the first steps of the way; that’s why an experienced partner like CIENCE was an excellent fit for their outreach campaign.

“CIENCE was effective for helping us define our outbound approach,” says Aron Kuehnermann, Vice President of Sales at Diffbot. “They were able to come aboard and work extensively with the sales team to help refine their ICP titles, messaging copy, and campaign approach.” 


During the six-month engagement, CIENCE researched approximately 5,000 leads, which resulted in 16,000 emails, 4,000 calls, and 3,500 social media connections.

To achieve this, the CIENCE team pulled out all the stops: “The copywriter team is very strong, and the SDR team had a lot of hustle using multiple channels to generate meetings,” says Kuehnemann.

With exceptional outbound efforts from CIENCE, Diffbot had established a clear vision and had a full understanding of what was working, backed by extensive metrics and documentation.

“CIENCE was fantastic helping build our initial outbound approach,” says Kuehnemann. “[They are] well-suited to start your outbound program and help test approaches … and useful to augment resources for AEs if you don’t have sufficient resources internally.”