How CIENCE Turbo-charges Outbound Sales Development For Friendbuy

Sales Development

Friendbuy Case Study

About Friendbuy

Friendbuy leverages the best channel for dynamic growth: word-of-mouth referrals. 

Friendbuy’s refer-a-friend programs offer unsurpassed ROI, expanding your reach and transforming customers into loyal and engaged brand advocates.

Jade Knoop
Operations Manager

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Food and Beverage Delivery.

Product:  Referral Program Service.

Friendbuy was looking to build out their outbound prospecting function and sought a partner to find Decision Makers at companies that fit their Ideal Customer Profile in the Food and Beverage Delivery space.


CIENCE was recommended to Friendbuy by an internal consultant. With the goal of reaching a high volume of companies and prospects, CIENCE’s helpfulness, responsiveness, and openness to feedback have played a huge role in their ongoing success. 

As Jade Knoop, the Operations Manager, states, “The team is flexible, adjusting to new tools and processes quickly. I recommend their services to anyone looking to turbo-charge their outbound sales development.”

CIENCE Technologies orchestrates outbound marketing campaigns. After researching appropriate industries and ideal customers, CIENCE executes a multi-channel, highly coordinated outreach sequence that uses social media (LinkedIn) to build awareness, and email and phone to schedule qualified meetings. In addition, Friendbuy benefits from a landing page that is prospect-focused and has also been used to directly book meetings.


Together, Friendbuy and CIENCE have not only expanded the companies that they reach out to, but also the volume of prospects. Using the account-based marketing (ABM) approach, CIENCE engages prospects persistently and thoroughly in a way that creates positive engagements and drives new business results. 

The Friendbuy team especially appreciated CIENCE’s ability to pick up tasks quickly. Knoop says, “Our company is very process-driven and specific when it comes to what we want…I would also advise customers to constantly think about how to refine the process because their team is so quick to adapt.”

Friendbuy and CIENCE have continued to work together to optimize campaigns through the insights made available by the CIENCE Performance Report dashboard. Through constant learning and open collaboration together, CIENCE continues to refine messaging and methodology,  turbo-charging Friendbuy’s outbound sales development with consistently qualified appointments in the crowded F&B delivery space.