How Salesforce Expanded Global Outreach with CIENCE

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About Salesforce

Salesforce as a company aims to build bridges between companies and their customers using digital solutions. Their primary offering is a CRM (customer relationship management) platform that is number one in the world. They hold about 20% share of the CRM market, which is more than double the margin of their closest competitor in the industry.

Salesforce was first introduced to the market in 1999 as a revolutionary cloud-based CRM that could not only help build better customer relations but also make teamwork seamless by making communication easier and erasing distance as a hurdle.

Salesforce has increased its revenue by more than 90% in the last decade, which is an unprecedented number in the industry.

Valeria Guillen
Digital Marketing Specialist
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The Story of Salesforce

The tale of Salesforce began with the vision of four of its founders. They saw the need for software that could make customer relationship management more effortless. So they put their creative heads together and started working in a small San Francisco apartment. The year was 1999; the innovation and hard work of the team helped them develop a CRM that was one of a kind.

Salesforce can store all customer data and information on the cloud, so anyone using the software could access it regardless of their location—so long as they had access to the Internet. This was unheard of at the time.

Their initial challenge was to sell businesses on the idea of not having data stored on their local machines. They did that by earning the early adopters’ trust and building relationships with them. Once businesses started using Salesforce, there was no turning back. They could see the convenience and efficiency that the software brought.

In the past two decades, the team behind Salesforce has taken on many challenges and overcome each one. They accomplished that by making customer trust their top priority as well as integrating features and ease of use into their software. Since 2001, they have managed to grow their revenue by up to 20% each year.

Along the way, Salesforce made important partnerships, which also played a part in their success. They’re always on the lookout for companies that can help them do what they do more efficiently and productively, which is what led them to CIENCE.

Salesforce was initially interested in a partnership with CIENCE to supplement their teams’ work. They wanted to target different regions and grow their business in those areas after analyzing initial results. 

Salesforce had been quite successful in its lead generation efforts in the U.S. but was looking specifically to expand into the Latin American market. When they began working on their expansion plans, they saw their biggest challenge yet. While trying to target retail, consumer goods, IT, manufacturing, and financial industries for their CRM, they realized that they needed additional support to handle the hurdles in this new market.

They quickly looked for a talented group that could support their own sales team so they could conquer this new region just like they had done others in the past, thus entered CIENCE.

Challenges & Scope

After Salesforce's tremendous amount of success in the North American and European markets, they couldn’t risk a less successful campaign. They were looking for a company that could generate leads for them in the Latin American region and provide the research required to set themselves up for success. They preferably wanted a partner that had previously worked on lead generation campaigns in the region, and CIENCE had experience in that area.


The Salesforce team foresaw that they would essentially be treated as a newcomer to that market when they entered Latin America. They would have to perform extensive research and outdo their previous marketing efforts to win over the businesses in these select countries and perform outreach in languages that were new to them. 

If they went into the market unprepared, it would hurt their brand, waste a significant amount of resources, and lower their chances of achieving success.


Salesforce quickly realized the challenge and started looking for solutions that would help them solve the problems they were facing. They saw the significant potential that Latin America had for their business, and expansion toward the region was a natural part of their plan.

In order to make their expansion a successful one, they were missing a small yet vital piece of the puzzle; they had searched for and tried out different vendors for sales outreach, but none had successfully provided good pre-qualified leads for them. CIENCE stood out as the right partner for this expansion.


CIENCE had the exact solutions and experience that Salesforce wanted in a partner—a versatile sales team with the expertise to bring in targeted leads and extensive experience in various regions and languages—a perfect choice that could pave their way toward the eventual goal of providing Latin American businesses access to the best CRM tool in the world.

“Bringing good pre-qualified leads has been a problem for our region for a while now,” says Valeria Guillen, digital marketing specialist at Salesforce. “Even though we've had other vendors do the same job before, CIENCE has been the best one so far. I love their quick problem-solving, their willingness and enthusiasm to work with us, and their attentiveness.” 



CIENCE had extensive experience working on lead generation campaigns for clients, some in Latin America. The sales team at CIENCE fulfilled the requirements and the standards that Salesforce has for its own team. Another plus was that the CIENCE team came from diverse backgrounds, including people from Mexico and Brazil. This helped enhance the outreach campaign and gave an unforeseen advantage to the Salesforce campaign—reaching Spanish- and Portuguese- speaking business people in the region.

“Salesforce didn’t have enough experience in this market, so they reached out to CIENCE,” says Edgar Bojórquez, Project Manager at CIENCE. “It’s not common for us to work in this market but we’ve had some clients in the past that required outreach in the Latin American market. They trusted our expertise to reach out to markets like Brazil and other countries in the region.”

These were the core solutions that Salesforce was looking for, and CIENCE was able to offer this essential support, along with other significant contributions.

Sarah Battani Sams, enterprise sales executive at CIENCE, explains why Salesforce decided on CIENCE: “Client education is something that is important for us, and research is the kind of benefit we can offer a client like Salesforce. And that is what was different about us, the education on the front-end about their ICPs and what each of them would entail. And this is something that we would do but not other companies. This helped them in deciding whether outsourcing made sense or should they do this in-house, considering the costs and other factors.”

“I think CIENCE's biggest advantage is their attentiveness,” says Valeria Guillen. “They are always quick to point out any obstacles, there's always great communication and support from their side, and they pivot quickly in case there are any changes. I also like how data and result-oriented their team is. My team has been very impressed by how much research they've invested into our account and how willing they are to take that extra step in order to bring better results.” 


Salesforce and CIENCE began their partnership in mid-April of 2021. Since that time, CIENCE made significant headway toward supporting Salesforce’s goal of finding a well-researched path to success in Latin America. 

In a new region lead generation project, the amount of leads gained in such a short period speaks for itself: CIENCE was able to schedule more than 1.5 appointments per day, averaging 30 meetings per month.

Aside from this, the response ratio of their campaigns was 2:1 (positive:negative), which is considered a great outcome; 1:3 is considered good by industry standards. The outbound call channel performs particularly well in this campaign, delivering almost 50% of the results.

CIENCE outreach campaign utilized calls, email, LinkedIn, landing pages, and digital ads to cultivate targeted leads for Salesforce.

The email campaign, in particular, provided excellent results: It had a more than 30% open rate that was well above and beyond the industry standard (the benchmark is 15–20%). 

“CIENCE has helped us by delivering amazing pre-qualified leads to our SDR team,” says Valeria Guillen. “CIENCE has been an amazing vendor by every means: They are very attentive, quick problem solvers, and results-oriented.”


Partnership Success

Working with a world-renowned brand like Salesforce was significant for CIENCE. A client with an established rep in the industry is very cautious when outsourcing any of their processes.

CIENCE supported Salesforce’s philosophy from the beginning, knowing the importance of building a trusting relationship with the client, which is exactly what they did. 

“To start the partnership on the right tone, we work to make sure that the partnership is right for both CIENCE and Salesforce. We always make sure that we are clear, concise, and prescriptive about the best solution for the client,” says Sarah Battani Sams

She continues to say, “CIENCE went into this project with a team-first attitude, starting with the sales team. It speaks a lot about the integrity of the sales team that they had a lot of in-depth conversations with the Salesforce team before they signed up. They did a lot of investigation upfront to determine the best solutions for the client, instead of just making an industry-standard sales pitch. This built trust with them and didn’t force anything on them.”

Salesforce has a particular way of doing business and was very clear in their directions, which helped smoothed out the campaign processes at the start of the partnership.


With the help of CIENCE, Salesforce overcame big parts of their challenges while making their mark in the Latin American region. The results have already shown that Salesforce will be a giant in these countries as well. And CIENCE is playing its part in the campaign to perfection.

Salesforce has a good number of leads to work within the region, not to mention the invaluable research data that CIENCE continues to provide them as a result of the sales development campaign.

The ongoing partnership with CIENCE has given a solid trajectory to the Salesforce team for their future in Latin America.

“[The Salesforce] team and I have been very impressed by the amount of research CIENCE has put into our account and their willingness to pivot and adapt quickly, no matter the problems that arise,” says Valeria Guillen. “I enjoy their quick problem solving, their willingness to go the extra mile to deliver great results, as well as their amazing communication results.”

She continues, “As someone noted before, CIENCE will give you a lot of homework before working with them. Be ready to send many emails, answer many messages, and have a ton of meetings. Nonetheless, it’s part of CIENCE's data-driven approach, and you’ll definitely be impressed by how much time and effort they will dedicate to your account.”