Effortless Integration of CIENCE's Tech Tools for Your Website

A simple yet powerful solution to enable CIENCE's suite of tech tools on your website including chat, and our website visitor ID to identify anonymous visitors. To implement GO Flow, your tech team just needs to follow these quick and straightforward steps:

1. Add the provided GO Flow JavaScript snippet to your website's code, preferably within the head tag or before the closing body tag. This one-time task ensures seamless integration of GO Flow and all the associated tools.

2. Once the script is added, your tech team can easily manage and configure CIENCE's tools through GO Flow's user-friendly admin panel. This streamlined process allows for effortless enabling or disabling of tools as needed, without requiring any additional code modifications.

By incorporating the GO Flow JavaScript snippet into your website, you'll unlock access to CIENCE's powerful sales and marketing tools, all while keeping the technical requirements minimal and easy to manage. Experience the benefits of CIENCE's advanced technology suite with the simplicity and speed of GO Flow.