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MSUITE Case Study


MSUITE is a SaaS firm that provides cloud-based software solutions for construction companies and related industries, such as MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) and EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction). MSUITE sells three different software packages, each designed for a different stage of the construction process. These packages, called BIMPro, FABPro, and FIELDPro, are built for the design stage, the fabrication stage, and the field construction stage respectively.

MSUITE’s easy-to-use software allows teams—whether in the design studio, on the factory floor, or at the job site—to better track, manage and share data. By streamlining communication in this way, MSUITE enables a more agile and collaborative workflow. This results in significant boosts to efficiency and productivity, allowing companies to become more competitive on bids.

Since its founding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2015, MSUITE has experienced rapid growth and developed a strong market position in the construction computer software industry, which is still a relatively underdeveloped field. Many heavyweight brands, such as Schaeffer Electric Company and Acco Engineered Systems, have adopted MSUITE’s software solutions. In 2020, MSUITE raised $4 million in seed funding, a sure sign of confidence in the company.

Benny Baltrotsky
Benny Baltrotsky
Chief Operating Officer
Computer Software

The Story of MSUITE

Until recently, MSUITE conducted all of its marketing in-house, using a well-sized team of account executives and sales representatives. MSUITE’s lead generation strategy mostly relied on referrals, word of mouth, and trade show networking. Eventually, looking to strengthen sales enablement, and having heard that outsourcing outbound was a surefire way to grow business revenue, MSUITE decided to bring in some outbound specialists.

Benny Baltrotsky, the chief operating officer of MSUITE, began an extensive search for a sales development firm to collaborate with. Through internet searches and conversations with colleagues in the industry, Baltrotsky had evaluated different outbound companies on a trial basis but was still not sufficiently impressed with overall performance.


MSUITE then began a trial period with CIENCE. “We ultimately selected CIENCE due to the amount of preparation work that we had already done with them prior to us being their formal customer,” said Baltrotsky. “We saw this diligence of theirs as a good look into the amount of work that they would actually put into the project once it has begun.” Thus, the trial period with CIENCE was extended into a long-term collaboration.

Challenges & Scope

Having decided to partner with CIENCE to better set meetings and generate a pipeline of leads, the next step was to design an outbound campaign strategy. There were some unique challenges to overcome but also enormous upsides that could be achieved by utilizing CIENCE’s advanced data solutions and outbound techniques.


A major challenge MSUITE faced was selling different software packages to three distinct groups: designers, fabricators, and field workers. Each product would have a different ideal customer profile (ICP) and target audience for outreach.  The outbound messaging would need to be customized to reach the decision-makers, including designers, shop managers, or field superintendents.

The messaging strategy was also contingent on the respective size of the prospective organizations. Trying to understand this complexity to persuasively speak to their respective pain points was another big challenge.


Given the diversity of the potential client base, MSUITE looked for a company that could offer well-executed, highly targeted outreach. It needed a lead generation strategy based on sales specialization, informed by the concept of extreme value messaging.

By conducting detailed research, the SDRs should have a precise understanding of the prospective customer to pinpoint the right audience. By outsourcing outbound to CIENCE, MSUITE could also proactively pursue other sales objectives.


An outbound campaign that could successfully target multiple ICPs would allow MSUITE to achieve its business goals. There were considerable upsides that could be capitalized on, especially as MSUITE’s total addressable market (TAM) is quite large and well supplied monetarily.

Because MSUITE’s contracts tend to be fairly big, securing even a handful of extra qualified appointments presented a great opportunity for MSUITE. Given that its software is a premium product, MSUITE did not need to close a ton of sales to get a reasonable ROI. If MSUITE secured several contracts through CIENCE’s pure outbound, the lucrative nature of these contracts would benefit the company considerably.

MSUITE also had a great opportunity to benefit from the strong trend toward prefabrication in the construction industry. Due to the size of the industry and significant cost savings from offsite manufacturing and fabrication, large amounts of money are currently being channeled in this area. MSUITE realized that outsourcing outbound would help it capture this market, leading to greater profits and market share. 

MSUITE processes


Due to the complex nature of MSUITE’s ICPs, MSUITE wanted a partner who could simultaneously reach out to its three main types of prospects (designers, fabricators, and field construction teams) in a highly targeted manner. The orchestrated outbound solution is what ultimately convinced MSUITE to collaborate with CIENCE.

For this campaign, CIENCE SDRs contacted potential clients via five different outreach channels. These were emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messaging, a landing page, and pretargeting advertisements. All of these channels were orchestrated in a precise and methodical sequence, optimized to give MSUITE’s team the greatest possible chance of connecting with the right people at the right time. 

CIENCE’s team had the resources, experience, and precision tools to deliver MSUITE’s messaging in a highly personalized way, giving prospects the opportunity to learn about MSUITE’s range of products and services, and explaining how these can make their work easier and more profitable.

CIENCE was able to target the size of each prospect’s company, the software they utilized, and even the square footage of their fabrication shops. This information allowed CIENCE to start a high-value conversation on MSUITE’s behalf.



CIENCE’s team ran a very successful campaign and established a healthy lead generation pipeline for MSUITE. By delivering relevant messages to the right prospects, CIENCE was able to successfully set up qualified appointments for MSUITE’s internal sales team. 

After collaborating for six months, CIENCE locked in over a hundred qualified appointments for MSUITE, averaging around eighteen appointments per month. MSUITE’s in-house sales team then successfully converted these results into new contracts. This secured additional revenue, a positive ROI, and a solid return on MSUITE’s investment.

CIENCE and MSUITE’s teams worked closely together, having biweekly check-in meetings over Zoom and Google Meet. During these meetings, CIENCE reported on the campaign’s analytics performance, engagements with prospects, along with open, click, reply, and conversion rates.

CIENCE’s seamless integration with MSUITE’s internal processes made the campaign more agile. Close cooperation and transparency were a cornerstone of this campaign and helped to secure the desired results. 

In addition to the large number of qualified appointments booked, MSUITE’s collaboration with CIENCE yielded many positive indirect results. By outsourcing lead generation, MSUITE was able to focus on its core product and competencies, thus allowing it to better dedicate its resources and efforts to converting prospects, closing deals, and further strengthening the working relationships it had already established.


MSUITE and CIENCE collaboration

Partnership Success

The partnership with CIENCE was MSUITE’s first attempt at outsourcing lead generation and it proved a great success, justifying the time spent at the outset searching for the right partner. Benny Baltrotsky felt validated in his decision: “CIENCE followed through on the diligence it showed during the trial stage,” he said. “One thing that distinguishes CIENCE from other providers is their attention to detail.”

Part of the success can be attributed to how expertly MSUITE communicated and explained highly technical details to CIENCE’s team. CIENCE could then quickly distill and transform this complex information into simple value propositions that prospects’ could understand within seconds of opening an email or picking up the phone. 

Similarly, the team at CIENCE felt that MSUITE was a great partner to collaborate with: “Our partnership with MSUITE has been really strong,” said Matt Jonson, account manager at CIENCE. “Benny has been fantastic. He has never missed a meeting and he’s always quick to share feedback.”

“From day one, he’s been saying, ‘We want to be your best client and customer. We want to grow and scale.’ Hearing that really lit the fire, and we've worked hard to get these results for MSUITE,” said Jonson.

Dave Phillips, campaign strategist at CIENCE, agreed with Jonson’s comments: “MSUITE came to us with an in-depth understanding of their industries,” said Phillips. “They know their product and industry well. It was a unique opportunity to work with them.”