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Users 1 10 Unlimited
Verified Contact Downloads 1,000/Month 2,500/Month 10,000/Month
Unverified Contact Downloads 1,000/Day 2,000/Day 6,000/Day
Intent Topics 10 20 50
GO Show Records 1,000/Month 2,500/Month 10,000/Month
Unlimited Audience Views
Access to 200M Records
Premium DirectDial Coverage (70%)
Business Emails
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How GO Data is Different

Real-world validation = Accurate sales data

The best way to validate the accuracy of a contact record is to actually use it. As one of the largest Outbound Services companies in the world, CIENCE consumes 10s of millions of records (emails, calls) annually. This produces:

Up-to-date records (less decayed data)

Broad Company / Account data points

Accurate Email Lists (real-world tested)

Actual Phone #’s (confirmed dials)

Satisfied Clients

The GO Data platform is built to help you configure audiences easily, creating what is known as an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to target. From there, GO Data offers a wide supply of contacts that match your ICP.
“We’ve been delighted with CIENCE ... After evaluating a few different vendors, we decided to use CIENCE as its data services meet Okta’s contact acquisition needs to facilitate the company’s expansion.”
Linda Gong, Okta
GO Data Concept
GO Data Benefits
Data Accuracy

The key to all B2B marketing lists is starting conversations with your ideal customers.

CIENCE GO expertly helps identify the contacts and companies for sales to create customized business lists around. 

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Attractive Pricing Model

Your GO Data subscription includes Unlimited Views! CIENCE also offer a variety download options.

This means no more “cost per record” pricing.

With GO Data, the system will automatically query our B2B contact database for new matches or updates throughout the term of your subscription.

Search & Find

ICP Builder-1
On Demand
Target Audiences

Enjoy the flexibility of fine-grain targeting of Contacts by many criteria, including searches by:

  • Seniority Level
  • Title
  • State / Country
  • Industry
  • Company Keyword
  • Company Revenue
  • Number of Employees

    *All company lists and contact details are based around pinpointing ideal fit future customers.


GO Data
Less Headaches

Connect with confidence.

CIENCE regularly cross-checks our mobile numbers with global Do Not Call lists. Emails are validated and tested. All data handling is consistent with B2B data best practices and country laws.  

We ensure your data is globally compliant. 

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Refresh Rate

Always Adding, Always Updating

Conquering Data Decay

Statistics show that job change is happening more frequently than ever before. Any change means old contact record data is obsolete. 

CIENCE GO Data has you covered with rapid refresh of multiple sources and all forms of contact data ranging from firmographic to trigger event data. 

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Contact Cards
Clear, Concise, Complete

Prospecting Info Made Accessible

Easily grab information about your prospects from the CIENCE GO Data user interface. Everything is right there for you:

  • Title
  • Seniority
  • Department

Take action, too with quick access to:

  • Phone Numbers
  • Validated Emails
  • Social Profile (LinkeIn)
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Company Data
Fast Firmographics

At-a-Glance Info You Need, Quality You Depend On

Quickly create search filters and familiarize yourself with correct info on the businesses you are prospecting. CIENCE GO Data organizes this so that you know:

  • Employees
  • Revenues
  • Founded Year
  • Location
  • Industry / SIC Code

This enables you to work on the fly with accurate data lists, presented easily.


How do I get my B2B data lists?
How do you validate business email lists?
How will your B2B database match my ideal customers?
Why is GO Data the best B2B contact database?
Do I have to pay for each contact with a GO Data subscription?
How do I get my B2B data lists?

It’s easy. Your CIENCE data expert will partner with you in creating your first audiences and show you the tricks to segmenting by your Ideal Customer Profile. We recommend that your first search filter be confined to the USA.

Once you’ve selected the basic search parameters (Seniority, Title, Job Function, Industry, Revenue, Employee Headcount, Geography), all you have to do is click “Search.”

And voila, you have your datalist you can export to your CRM of choice.

How do you validate business email lists?
There are hundreds of email validation tools - and we validate in similar ways for verification, scoring and deliverability. However, CIENCE goes even further to deliver accurate, quality b2b contact records: verifying email addresses and mobile phone numbers through real-world use. We call it “data exhaust”. As the largest B2B lead generation managed services provider, CIENCE runs millions of contacts spanning countless ICP configurations through campaigns. GO Data clients benefits from accessing data that has been validated through actual campaign consumption.
How will your B2B database match my ideal customers?
Search Filters: Start with firmogrpahic and demographic b2b search filters, then segment your Ideal Customer Profile by trigger events, technographic data, funding rounds, and more. Account-Based: Upload a list of your highest priority accounts by domain and overlay filters for title, function, and seniority to build your ABM/ABSD audience. Closed/Won Pattern-Matching: Produces look-alike audiences based CRM analytics of your customers.
Why is GO Data the best B2B contact database?
Since our founding in 2015, CIENCE has been painstakingly building the industry’s largest and most accurate contact database. Our database is built through a combination of machine-powered, human-curated research across hundreds of data sources with millions of records verified by using the data in real outbound campaigns. Quality data is the backbone of any successful sales and marketing campaign. Sales and marketing teams love GO Data because it puts the data they need to start and close more deals.
Do I have to pay for each contact with a GO Data subscription?
No. GO Data subscriptions provide unfettered access to CIENCE’s 300+ million business records. If you can find the records, you can use them. No hidden costs so you can focus on building pipeline instead of counting credits.

Custom Data Research, Available Too

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Julia Guk

Trained CIENCE Researchers, at your service!

Any GO Data subscription can GO Custom. Our years of experience providing best-in-class research services means your own data can be customized by the most experienced Research staff in the business (the same team who built GO Data!).

With GO Custom, you benefit from the best of both worlds — campaign verified data and any additional enrichment your specific market, industry, or ICP requires.

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