Pay for Appointment Terms and Conditions

If you choose to include the Pay for Appointment Service in your order form, these supplementary terms will become applicable, in addition to our Master License Terms and Conditions Agreement ("Agreement"). By adding this service to your order, you consent to adhere to both the general terms outlined in the Agreement and these specific terms related to the Program. Should there be any discrepancies between the Program-specific terms and the Agreement, the terms outlined for the Program will take precedence.


a. The Parties shall make commercially reasonable efforts to have the Services commence on the Service Start Date as set forth on the Order Form.

b. The initial term of this Addendum shall be three (3) months from the Service Start Date (the “Initial Term”). After the Initial Term, this agreement will automatically renew for another three (3) months unless either party provides written notice of their intent not to renew, at least ten days before the end of the current monthly term.

Appointment Fees and Payments

The Licensee pays a fee for a "Held Meeting". A "held meeting" is defined as a scheduled business discussion involving at least two individuals. This discussion can occur either in person or through telecommunication methods. It must involve a representative of the licensee and a prospect who is specifically listed under "Audience," "Lists," or "Contact" within the CIENCE Software platform that has been configured for the client and is a appropriate prospect for the Licensee’s products or services. The Licensee will be charged a "Held Meeting Fee" of $350 for each qualified and held meeting set up directly by CIENCE in any given month. Every held meeting that exceeds the 10th meeting in a given month will be charged a "Held meeting Fee of $150. These appointment fees are billed independently of any other software or services you may have purchased from CIENCE. Payment for these fees will be automatically charged to the method of payment you have on file with us, either via ACH or Credit Card, in the first week following the service month.

During the service term for the Program, CIENCE will charge $500/ month management fee for each SDR that includes SDR and Campaign management services (“SDR Management Fee”). The SDR Management Fee will be invoiced and charged together with the Held Meeting Fee's on the 1st of every month. The parties can reassess the Held Meeting Fee every three (3) months based on actual results. This fee won't dip below $150 per meeting or exceed $1,000 per meeting. Both parties must mutually agree in writing to any changes. The Licensee is required to track and report monthly meetings accurately using the CIENCE GO Schedule meeting software. CIENCE retains the right to audit the number of held meetings conducted by the Licensee with follow up calls to the prospects.

SDR Qualifications

SDR Types Testing & Qualification: For the purposes of our services and to ensure the utmost clarity, here are the qualifications for SDRs:

1. SDRs: A representative who qualifies as a SDR will have achieved a language test score exceeding 7.5 (which is the benchmark for an English-speaking caller). The test evaluates Pronunciation, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Grammar, each contributing to the overall score.

2. Special SDR Requests: At the request of the client, should there be a need or preference for an SDR with particular qualifications, location, or experience that necessitates an increase in the associated expenses, Cience is committed to fulfilling this request. Please note that in such instances, the higher expenses associated with the specialized SDR will be reflected on the order form and charged monthly as an added cost during the term for the add-on-service.

It's essential to note that all Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) will undergo rigorous language and speaking tests, including but not limited to CEFR, IELTS, PTE, and other recognized assessments. All evaluations will be conducted by a third-party AI-powered solution. Clients will have access to recordings of these tests for review if requested, ensuring transparency and confidence in the proficiency of our representatives.

Held Meetings Cap

Licensees can set a cap for the meetings held quarterly or yearly, considering their budget for the provided services. The minimum cap is 45 meetings every three (3) months or 180 meetings annually. Both parties must agree to any cap changes in writing.

Recording and Storage Interactions

All calls, emails, and other forms of correspondence with prospects, which result in the setting of appointments, are recorded and archived within the CIENCE platform. Both the client and CIENCE have the ability to review these records in the event of a dispute regarding a held appointment.

Dispute Resolution Process

Both parties must confirm the monthly count of held meetings in writing. Should any dispute arise concerning the Held Meeting Fee, the Licensee is required to provide written notification within 10 days of receiving the invoice. Upon receiving the notification, CIENCE will assess the issue and respond in writing within 15 business days.

Payments may not be withheld during the dispute resolution process; all payments are due as outlined in the invoice. If the resolution is in favor of the Licensee, CIENCE will credit the amount corresponding to the disputed "held meeting" fee back to the client's CIENCE account.

Scope of Work - Pay for Performance

a. CIENCE’s staff shall provide the Services set below

b. Outbound SDR Services

Tasks that may be assigned as part of SDR services:

  • Call prospects on Licensee's behalf
  • Email prospects on Licensee's behalf
  • Manage drip/drip nurture campaigns
  • Outreach via social media channels (profile views, connection requests, and messaging after a connection is made).  The number and types of activities are dependent on the social media channels rules and regulations.
  • Deliver templates and scripts as part of the created strategy for the campaign
  • Schedule meetings (Face2Face, Phone, Webinars, Trade-shows)
  • Follow up work (e.g. Schedule meetings with prospects from trade-shows)
  • Qualify prospects per Licensee’s qualification


a. Deliverables for appointment services are as follows:

As part of the Services, CIENCE will be responsible for the outreach and appointment setting and will deliver the following:

  • Development of no more than two (2) concurrent campaign strategies per SDR Services team, along with reasonable modifications and improvements to those strategies
  • Templates for review by Licensee
  • KPI reports, including, but not limited to: Open/Click/Bounce/Automatic Response/Positive Response/Negative Response
  • Direct access to CIENCE Account Team
  • Access to all communications between SDR services and prospects reached out to on Licensee’s behalf.
  • Deliverables may also include landing pages and advertisements depending on the agreed-upon add on services

Set-Up & Kick-Off Responsibilities

a. Set-up and kick-off activities will start on the Service Start Date and are part of the Initial Term.

b. Set-up activities are expected to take no more than ten days.

c. The set-up activities may include, at a minimum, the following:

  • CIENCE will coordinate the schedule of each SDR
  • Prior to launch CIENCE will assign the SDR(s) to provide Services to Licensee.
  • Licensee may upload Leads to the CIENCE Platform
  • Leads will have Decision Maker Name, Title and Contact info (email/phone)
  • Licensee will also provide SDR access to Licensee’s conference call links and numbers in order to schedule sales demos and appointments (e.g., Zoom, Skype, etc.).
  • Licensee may provide CIENCE with access to identified social media accounts chosen for outreach purposes and will ensure it has the appropriate membership level to accommodate volumes necessary specific to the campaign strategy.
  • Licensee will assign Sales Executives (SE's) to handle demo's and appointments
  • Licensee and their sales team will use GO Schedule meeting software to provide open time slots that can be booked for appointments by the SDR
  • Licensee will share marketing and product/ services content with CIENCE to aid CIENCE in creating templates, scripts and response library. Below are suggested content examples;
  • Case Studies, White Papers, presentation decks etc.,
  • Training decks/documents
  • List of FAQ
  • Common objections and rebuttals
  • Past templates/scripts
  • List of primary competitors
  • Licensee will provide a point person to manage the relationship with CIENCE and to coordinate the Services.
  • Licensee will provide an ideal time for a bi-weekly review call.
  • Licensee will define ICP Lists to target in the CIENCE Platform
  • Licensee will inform CIENCE on how they wish appointments to be set for Licensees sales team (Round-Robin, Geographic, per product/service, per LTV etc).
  • Licensee may approve content created by CIENCE (templates/scripts). In order to avoid delays, Licensee shall have twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of content from CIENCE to review and provide feedback. If Licensee does not provide feedback with forty-eight (48) hours, the content will be deemed approved.

Activity Expectations

a. Appointment activity expectations. CIENCE’s Outbound SDR services will be targeted to reach out to no less than 200 companies per month (output would be prorated for partial months of service) as long as the Licensee's TAM (Total Addressable Market) and Licensee's ICP (Ideal Client Profile) allow for it. During the Licensee onboarding process and throughout the agreement, the Licensee and CIENCE will define a strategy around how many contacts per company, the number of touchpoints per contact, and the overall messaging approach, as defined in the Playbook that CIENCE will create on Licensee's behalf. Based on these variables it is possible to see the number of companies reached out to per month get as high as 600. It is understood that the more contacts and touch points reached out to per company the lower number of companies can be reached out to in a given month. The exact strategy will be defined with the goal of optimizing the overall results of the campaign to yield the most impactful meetings or brand awareness to the market based on the needs of the client.

Outbound Privacy & Compliance

a. B2B Data Privacy & Outbound Compliance Protocol: All contact data and outbound activities managed on behalf of our clients are governed by our B2B Data Privacy & Outbound Compliance Protocol. This protocol ensures that we adhere to internationally recognized privacy standards, regulations, and best practices specific to B2B interactions. By subscribing to our services, clients acknowledge and agree that any contact data shared with or used by CIENCE will be processed in strict accordance with this protocol. Any misuse or unauthorized distribution of contact data is prohibited. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their own use of contact data aligns with applicable privacy laws and standards. Queries, complaints, or requests for further information about this protocol can be directed to our Data Protection Officer at

b. SOC 2 Readiness & Data Handling: CIENCE is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of information security, privacy, and data handling. As part of this commitment, we are in the process of aligning our practices with the SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2) guidelines, ensuring the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of Licensee data. While we work towards our formal SOC 2 certification, clients can have confidence in our ongoing efforts to handle data in a manner consistent with the rigorous standards set forth by the SOC 2 framework. We understand the trust our clients place in us, and we are dedicated to implementing robust controls to protect and secure your data.