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Cold Calling Is Alive And Well

Despite grumblings that the phone channel is dead, performance telemarketing is a vital component of using a multi-channel B2B outbound approach to starting new sales conversations. It’s a real challenge for businesses to initiate or grow an effective telemarketing operation internally.

CIENCE’s telemarketing services give you access to our large, skilled team of SDRs who are well-trained to engage your ideal clients in personalized one-to-one phone outreach at scale.

Telemarketing Sales
Conversations Start With CIENCE

Catalyze Your Cold-Calling Capabilities
Telemarketing is a core component of our multi-channel expertise.

Why trust CIENCE to execute your Telemarketing successfully?

The reviews speak for themselves.

Choose The Best - CIENCE is #1

CIENCE achieves the highest ranking for its ability to deliver Lead
Generation Services. Top B2B Lead Generation Companies:

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Telemarketing Services

Whatever your telemarketing needs, CIENCE provides on-demand scalable
Orchestrated Outbound teams quickly to align with your goals.
Inbound Calls
Do you have an initiative that requires your current or potential customers to engage on the phone? We’re ready to answer their questions, gather and confirm information and deal with their concerns. We’ll work together to optimize our telemarketing efforts.
Outbound Calls
Do you need a robust telemarketing apparatus in place to reach out and connect with your ideal customers? When it comes to cold-calling, our Sales Development Representatives deliver world-class experience for our clients and their prospects.

Know exactly how your Telemarketing efforts are performing.

Telemarketing services are only as good as the outcomes. And CIENCE Telemarketing Services uses AI, ML, and conversational analytics to constantly improve call quality and outcomes.

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    CIENCE Inbound SDR

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    Get My SDR Team

    CIENCE Inbound SDR

    Immediate Human Response to Online Forms, Real-Time Chat Client, Preliminary Qualification (MQL-to-SQL), Data Enrichment (CRM, MAP), Detailed Accounting and Analytics across all activities

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    Inbound Sales Development Rep

    Guaranteed Working Hours

    40hrs / wk (Assigned)

    Account Management

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    Service Level Agreements Available

    Or check our ROI Calculator to compare Outsourced vs In-house Sales Development

    How You Benefit from CIENCE Telemarketing Services

    Fearless and Friendly Callers

    Our US-based callers are well-trained and eager to provide outstanding customer and prospect experiences.

    2 Week Go-To-Market

    Start sales conversations around your products and services quickly.

    More Sales At-Bats

    Your sales force should be selling. We call them and book qualified meetings. Your reps can close them.

    No More Headaches

    Hiring, training, and comp packages. Low caller tenure. Call reluctance. YUCK - Let CIENCE do it for you.

    Strategically Build Pipeline

    Our process and deep expertise in the art (and science) of telemarketing have proven effective for growth across 162+ B2B industries. You don’t have to build a program yourself.

    Advanced Data Intelligence

    Match your ICP to our data asset counting over 300 million records qualified by CIENCE SDR teams.

    Calling All Industries!

    Our well-trained team of telemarketers has experience engaging with
    business leaders in a wide range of industries.

    Targeted Titles

    CIENCE goes above and beyond to train our telemarketers to engage with a wide spectrum of personas and titles, even at the top of their organizations. Our SDRs are experts on phone conversations and make appointment setting a breeze. Every day they speak with confidence to:

    • Founders
    • Owners
    • C-Suite
    • Presidents
    • Vice Presidents
    • Executive Directors
    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Technicians
    • Specialists
    • Analysts
    • Supervisors
    • Designers
    • Developers

    Whether your key decision makers are enterprise owners or end
    users, CIENCE takes Telemarketing to the next level.

    Case Studies

    Read the case studies detailing how CIENCE has helped enable
    success for our clients on the phone channel.
    “They [CIENCE] worked to find innovative ways to reach out to new companies that we weren’t using before to get closer to getting the 8 to 10 sign ups per week.”
    Professional Training & Coaching
    “They immediately take responsibility for their work, trying to move the project forward.”
    Information Technology & Services
    “CIENCE Technologies has certainly built a machine around the lead generation process.”

    Hear what our clients have to say
    about the telemarketing results
    CIENCE has enabled.

    Hiring internal staff to replicate their services within my team would have required significantly more time and cost without the scalability CIENCE Technologies offered. They help us reach new verticals quickly and easily. We can build the average campaign in a matter of weeks for each different customer segment, which would have been incredibly challenging to do internally.
    Jason Gamblen, Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, InnerSpace
    CIENCE Technologies freed up our sales representatives to focus on communicating with qualified leads...we’ve been able to connect with a variety of individuals and companies to create business opportunities.
    Greg Mack, Director of North American Sales, Yamaha Unified Communications
    Every member of this team is of high caliber, very competent, articulate, and concise...This is probably the most professional organization I have ever worked with from start to finish.
    Laura Collins, Chief Financial Officer, Texas Research International
    Read more CIENCE reviews
    Director of Data Service Delivery Ops
    & Customer Success

    Natalie German

    I’m trained in the best research tech in the b2b galaxy and have honed my skills to curate contact data into prospects that are pre-qualified before any cold calling occurs. The more accurate the data, the more effective your telemarketing campaign is - and the more appointments your sales team gets on their calendars.

    In addition to the 22+ standard contact data sets, I have expertise in sorting through intent data, enriching contacts, finding Decision Makers who’ve switched companies recently, get hard-to-find technological data like CRMs used, and more.

    I’ve completed external certification programs from companies like Salesforce and Hubspot to provide you administrative and sales research excellence.


    Ready to step up your telemarketing game?

    Let’s build a plan together to save your team from the difficulties of cold calling and drive more wins for your organization.