How CIENCE Generated Over 60% Of Sales For A Fintech Company

Lead Generation and Outbound Prospecting

Armatic Case Study

About Armatic

Armatic is a financial technology firm that helps companies accelerate Order-to-Cash cycles, streamline billing, reduce operating expenses, and strengthen customer relationships.

The Armatic platform supports all steps of the revenue lifecycle—from initial quotation, contract e-signing, invoice or subscription creation to automated customer follow-up for accounts receivable management and payments.

Casey Griswold
Financial Services

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Industry-specific

Product: Financial Management Platform

CIENCE has accumulated significant experience in lead generation and outbound prospecting campaigns. We help our clients grow their sales by reaching out to their potential buyers and starting conversations on their behalf.

“We launched over a year ago, and at that time, we needed help generating leads and scheduling appointments with potential clients. As a startup, we needed to get the word out about our company in a cost-efficient way. We wanted to outsource the work to save costs in hiring an in-house team.”

CIENCE has worked with clients across 125+ industries, with exceptional experience serving Software, IT, Marketing, and Finance. We target a wide range of C-level titles within these industries via multi-channel outreach (including email, phone, and social networking websites).

“Our ideal customer changes constantly and varies widely from industry to industry. CIENCE recommended that we take note of companies that recently placed ads for an accounts-feasible assistant as a means of identifying clients potentially interested in our services. They carried out that strategy for us, contacting individuals within those companies.”

CIENCE is capable of identifying hard-to-find target audiences, including niches only available through human curation. These can be trigger events such as open positions to fill or other signals that we can glean and incorporate into our outreach efforts to target best-fit prospects.

Strong organizational and communication skills make CIENCE a reliable outsourcing partner.


You have two choices with these kinds of projects; you can outsource it or you can bring it in-house. CIENCE is the best of both worlds, combining the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing with the insight and personal relationships that come with in-house employees. They also provide the expertise that comes from specializing in their field.”

CIENCE is a great partner for startups that don’t want to allocate a budget on a full-time in-house team. Being the cost-efficient solution for lead generation and outbound prospecting, we provide industry-wide expertise to new players in the market.

“I’ve worked with their competitors in the past and found that CIENCE is unique in that they provide detailed feedback about which strategies are working. Others don’t provide that level of attention and care.”

Our experience allows us to develop flexible methodologies that fit the unique requirements of every client. We can apply out-of-the-box solutions in many outreach campaigns while using the best techniques for efficient sales development.

Project management is one of CIENCE’s strongest assets.


We begin every partnership by creating an Ideal Customer Profile – the guideline that helps us find and target the best-fit companies for our clients. Then, our lead generation specialists research the organizations and people that fit this specific profile.

“They’ve worked on a number of projects for us, all centered around leads and appointments. CIENCE helped identify our ideal customers and found potential clients who fit the profile. They then contacted these individuals through phone or email and schedule meetings.”

Armatic’s goals evolved over the course of our partnership, which is why we provided them two types of our services: a Sales Development team (comprising of a dedicated researcher and dedicated SDR), and a Sales Assistant (who performs these tasks solo).

“We’ve used them for over a year, so I’ve worked with different people as our needs have evolved. We sometimes placed more focus on lead generation and sometimes place more focus on identifying specific types of contacts. Over 60% of our sales during our first six months came as a result of CIENCE.”

CIENCE combines affordability with the personal attention of an in-house team, providing results on schedule.