Precise Programmatic Ad Targeting

GO Digital is a Demand Side Platform with your ideal audiences built in. We help you better reach B2B targets with your ads.
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GO Digital Targeting — An Industry Best

See what B2B advertising quality and ad options can do to grow your pipeline.
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Marketers Meet Your New Secret Weapon!

Target millions of business users using 100+ B2B filters such as title, industry, company size. Any ad type, too:

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Social Media

Personalize to Your Ideal Customers!

Personalize Ads to Your Ideal Customers!

Watch engagement increase with better targeting.

All your Campaigns can be designed for specific personas. Lots of configurable options, and industry-leading data accuracy.

Better targeting = Better results!

Yes! Bidder-as-a-Service is Here!

Pricing power at your fingertips
Bidder-as-a-Service enables sophisticated marketers access to a highly customizable RTB (real-time bidding) cloud platform. All the bid options you want, none of the overhead and complexity. Same-day deployments for a custom bid environment.
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Add GO Show for Tracking and Remarketing

Visual ID for the Web is here!

Deploy the CIENCE tracking pixel and take your ads, remarketing/retargeting, and follow-up to the next level. It’s turnkey — all in the same platform.