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Over 300M records strong, with daily contact record validation. It's time to GO Data!
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How GO Data is Different

Real-world validation = Accurate sales data

The best way to validate the accuracy of a contact record is to actually use it. As one of the largest Outbound Services companies in the world, CIENCE consumes 10s of millions of records (emails, calls) annually. This produces:

* Up-to-date records (reduces decayed data)

* Broad Company / Account data points

* Accurate Emails (real-world tested)

* Actual Phone #’s (confirmed dials)

Satisfied Clients

The GO Data platform is built to help you configure audiences easily, creating what is known as an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to target. From there, GO Data offers a wide supply of contacts that match your ICP.
“We’ve been delighted with CIENCE ... After evaluating a few different vendors, we decided to use CIENCE as its data services meet Okta’s contact acquisition needs to facilitate the company’s expansion.”
-Linda Gong, Okta
GO Data Concept
GO Show Benefits
Contact Accuracy

The key to all marketing lists is starting conversations with your ideal customers. CIENCE GO expertly helps identify the contacts and companies sales must engage with.


Attractive Pricing Model

Any data added during the course of your GO Data subscription will also be available to download.

This means no more “cost per record” pricing.

With GO Data, the system will automatically query our Data Network for new matches or updates throughout the term of your subscription.

Search & Find

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On Demand
Target Audiences

Enjoy the flexibility of fine-grain targeting of Contacts by many criteria, including searches by:

  • Seniority Level
  • Title
  • State / Country
  • Industry
  • Company Keyword
  • Company Revenue
  • Number of Employees

    *All lists and contact details are based around pinpointing ideal fit future customers.


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Less Headaches

Connect with confidence.

CIENCE regularly cross-checks our mobile numbers with global Do Not Call lists. Emails are validated and tested. All data handling is consistent with marketing data best practices and country laws.  

We ensure your data is globally compliant. 

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At Your Service
Custom Sales Data Too!

Meet Cody, Head of Data

Our Researchers are trained in marketing fundamentals and contact acquisition best practices. We have extensive data enrichment experience with all forms of contact data ranging from firmographic standards to trigger events and even hard-to-find techno graphic data. 

We map individually to customer accounts, performing critical tasks efficiently without constant supervision. We understand data enrichment best practices  -- inside the CRM!

Our abilities to work around suppression lists, provide strategic data advice like market scoping, or sales enablement in the form of pre-segmented (by rep) swimlanes is unparalleled.