Prioritize Your Outreach And Sell Better!

CIENCE GO Intent Analyzes Billions of Intent Signals to Help Sales and Marketing Teams Identify In-Market Buyers

Ever Wonder Which Accounts — And Which Contacts — You Should Be Reaching Out To?

Wonder no more! CIENCE GO Intent takes the guesswork out of targeting. In doing so, we increase your ability to prospect the right people, at the right time — while they are in their buying windows.

7500+ B2B specific topics
New Intent results every 4 hours
Buying-window data for 60 days
Lead scoring by Contact and Account
Page-level heuristics
Advanced click-tracking (AI)
Downloadable lead lists of in-market buyers

Advanced Intent — Here’s What Next-Gen Sales Looks Like

The CIENCE GO Intent tool offers more than your basic intent tools ever could. Largely because we’re able to better match IP Addresses to Companies and track underlying topics of buyer intent across the web (over 3.2 million accounts tracked daily). 

This means that we have a more precise view of in-market buyers across thousands of intent topics — Including the handful that will be most useful to your business.  

Our software accurately determines the underlying semantic meaning of website pages searched (over 33.8 million analyzed) by your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), so that we can determine the Hot Topics that determine buying intent.

Data Into Deals!

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Sales Teams Sell More, Better

Prioritizing outreach to in-market buyers solves the riddle of who to call NOW?!?!

Sales teams that take advantage of CIENCE GO Intent never look back. We enable sales teams to penetrate accounts to book more meetings that have shorter, more effective sales cycles — with higher close rates — all because the buyers targeted are showing signals of buying intent. Let our technology guide your sales efforts for more effective results with your ICP.

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Your Marketing on Steroids

Meet your new secret weapon for ABM (Account-Based Marketing) or classic marketing campaigns that deliver the right prospect at the right time.

Marketers running ABM campaigns can now infuse Intent Data into their arsenal to never be out of phase with their Key Accounts. Effectively timing your marketing to when your ICP is in-market for your solutions. 

Watch any marketing campaign perform better than before when you focus on an Intent-only audience. Higher click-thru rates, better-targeted messaging, more effective campaigns.

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How It Works

Combining Big Data in Meaningful Ways to Deliver Trusted Results

CIENCE’s in-house team of NLP experts has built out a best-in-class parsing of intent topics across the worldwide web… Not a small feat. We’ve taken this understanding and applied it to one of the largest data assets (CIENCE GO Data) in the marketing & sales space. 

This Intent Graph can be trusted because of the match-rates we’re able to achieve across identities (devices + cookies), which then result in the prioritized lists we deliver to our customers on a daily basis. Put our technology to work for your marketing & sales efforts and watch your results increase!