We believe that sales done right creates value

And that sales is a noble profession.

Finding a client that will pay a fair price for your goods or services generates great value, as it helps the client solve problems, grow the company, and support the economy.

We are client-centric. We help our “good fit” clients find their “good fit” clients

We work with diverse clients that have demonstrated products and service offerings that their clients value. CIENCE can’t make a product work that doesn’t have clear value in the market; but if your product is already selling, we can help you find many, many more clients at a fair price.

We are fearless in pursuit of the hard but necessary work of outbound research and outreach

Our team members pursue lead generation undaunted by rejection, unscarred by failure and undeterred by monotony.

There are 10’s of thousands of
prospective clients in the world that CIENCE can help at a cost that is a fair for everyone

Finding those prospects and engaging them is doing a service to CIENCE and to the clients we ultimately engage. There are 10s of thousands of people out there right now trying to figure out how to reach more clients - and we have the answers for them.


We change for the better every day.

No one cares more about learning how to engage prospective clients in large volumes than CIENCE

The CIENCE Promise:

We strive to bring the most cutting edge techniques, most dedicated team, and are constantly brainstorming new ideas on behalf of our clients. Our methods generate results, fast.

We work smart; We are data-driven decision makers.

We obsess about learning and improving through relentless testing, measuring, and improvements. We realize that what worked yesterday may not work today, and we are committed to adapting to an ever changing environment.

We believe that success is doing great work with great people (and making money doing it).

We choose not to compromise on holding one another to the high standards we’ve set forth, nor on taking care of one another as we grow.

We are committed to professional development.

We want employees at CIENCE to to grow and develop as CIENCE grows.


We treat each other and our clients with respect.

We believe that respect creates trust, and trust leads to opportunity for everyone.

We believe in business outcomes where everyone wins: CIENCE, our clients, and the clients we engage on their behalf.

We seek to understand the goals of our clients so that we can work to achieve them.

The greatest compliment we can receive is to be a respected part of the organization that relies on CIENCE contributions in order to grow. This awareness is paramount to each interaction with clients, as well as each action taken on their behalf.

An expression of this respect is the responsibility

We take for the work we execute on behalf of clients. which shows respect at the highest levels


We value transparency

Our work is complex; our workforce is bright and ambitious.

We run greater risk not showing off all of the hard work that we do than we do being transparent about our methods and approaches. Likewise, we strive for great internal transparency - we have not always prioritized this value, so we are especially aware of the costs of failing to do so going forward.

We are more than just a team.

We are exceptionally good at what we do, and we have a lot of fun doing
it. From these principles we derive five core values that we try to live
everyday. Exceptional client experiences, delivered through:
Personal and professional growth
Data-driven decision making and accountability
Clients are our True North