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It’s our mutual interest that potential customers of CIENCE make an
informed buying decision based on comprehensive information provided
during their buyer’s journey. To make this possible, we mapped the sales
journey for our clients and created educational content for each stage.
CIENCE believes that we can only succeed if our buyers
are empowered with knowledge.


Does outsourcing fit your business? How to find the best provider? What are CIENCE lead generation methods? How do we determine mutual fit?

CIENCE helps its clients accelerate their sales by providing managed services of sales research and development. We use proven lead generation and outbound prospecting techniques. The key goal of the CIENCE sales process is to help our clients make an informed buying decision.

We use the
NOTE methodology.



Let us know the exact companies
and titles you want to work with. We
deliver accurate, enriched, lead lists
based on your ideal customer



We orchestrate and undertake
custom-tailored, outbound
marketing campaigns on your behalf
to start sales conversations.



We do more than send cold emails.
Your audience lives and
communicates through a multiplicity
of channels. We’ll find them and
deliver your message.



We book the meetings so you can
focus on your swelling sales pipeline
and putting more ink on paper.

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Ideal Customer Profile

The ICP is critical for sales research and development to succeed. It’s the first step in cooperation with CIENCE. We create our lead lists and do targeted outreach based on our client’s ICP.

The success of every campaign starts with knowing your target.

Get the questionnaire to build your first Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and get your free leads test from CIENCE.

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Learn what Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Persona are and how they differ.


Return on Investment

Our clients choose CIENCE for three primary reasons. First, we use the best sales research and development methodology and practices.

Second, we deliver the best results.

And third, our services are cost-efficient.

What’s your breakeven + optimal ROI for your own Sales Development? Check it out.

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Statement of Work

Find out how CIENCE has helped clients build their sales pipelines and increase their revenues.

We’ve served 2,100+ companies
across 200+ industries.

Custom Computer Programming Services
Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
All Other Telecommunications
Software Publishers
Computer Systems Design Services
Data Processing, Hosting, and
Related Services
Wired Telecommunications Carriers
Marketing Consulting Services
All Other Legal Services
Investment Advice

Browse the success stories below.

CIENCE is proud to have served 1,300-plus clients across 150+ B2B industries.


Case Study
How CIENCE Helped Grow Segment's System Integrations


Case Study
How CIENCE Scales Development For


Case Study
How CIENCE Conducts Orchestrated Outbound Campaigns For Almabase

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Discover more about our company and learn how we work in great detail. Understand how our people go about their jobs.

Client Onboarding Phases

Phase I - SOW signed

  • CSM assigned
  • Team Resources Requested
  • Client receives ICP and Email Questionnaire
  • CSM introduced Note

Phase II - Client Deliverables

  • CSM schedules a kick-off call
  • Review Email Questionnaire
  • Review ICP

Phase III - Meet the Team

  • Kick-off call/Onboarding call
  • 3C Messaging Working Session
  • (Client + Copywriters + CSM)
  • CONCIERGE Landing pages
  • Presentation + SDR/SA intro call scheduled
  • Landing Page Building starts
  • Success Factors
  • Share Bio’s of CSM, SDR’s

Phase IV - Research Start

  • Research delivery schedule established
  • CIENCE begins research process of approved ICP

Phase V - Systems in Place

  • Basecamp Channel Established
  • Corporate Email Address for Resource
  • Domain OAuth and Mail setup
  • Email Signature | Email Sequence | Email
  • Address and Messaging Test | Email Domain
  • Health | List Validation Tests
  • Email Domain Health (Warm-Up + Checklist)
  • HubSpot Licenses
  • Landing page Subdomain established
  • Tech Stack Hooked Up

Phase VI - Client Review & Approval
(Campaign Elements)

  • Deliver client Messaging Templates
  • Communication Sequence Presented to Client
  • Client approves Messaging Templates
  • CONCIERGE LP Design Phase Complete
  • (Client Review & Approval)

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