Sales Data Solutions

Hiring CIENCE is the best of all worlds. GO Data offers specific, accurate, high-quality sales lead lists for your target audience. Plus, GO Custom delivers the ability to add fully bespoke, human-driven data enrichment, as needed, for any situation.
CIENCE helps grow your business
with a sophisticated approach to
b2b lead generation.
VP, Emerging Products
Sales Executive
CIENCE helps grow your business
with a sophisticated approach to
b2b lead generation.
Sales Executive
Head of Product
CIENCE helps grow your business
with a sophisticated approach to
b2b lead generation.
Sales Executive
Sales Executive

Best B2B Leads Database = Your Growth!

CIENCE has helped immensely with the lead generation data gathering for our email marketing campaign. It was very easy to get up and running and we haven't looked back!
Score 10 out of 10
C-Level Executive in Sales

Our Philosophy

Accurate Sales Data Records Come from Consumption

Unlike most players in the sales data space, CIENCE is the first user of our own data... For ourselves and thousands of lead generation clients in virtually every Industry (and ICP) available. Given this reality, we place fundamentally more pressure on our data asset to be uncompromisingly accurate.  

In addition, we also see opportunity in, and have many occasions where the data that we create for clients is bespoke - curated and specialized to specific needs. Without sounding like we're trying to be all things to all people -- the CIENCE Way, with data, is truly the best of all worlds.

On the other hand, we assume that our buyers want to be strategic with their data assets… They want specific data points that go beyond Demographic (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, etc) or Firmographic (Revenues, Employees, Locations) of Contacts and Accounts.

These are important points to consider when shopping for data - as most data providers give you what everyone else (read: your competitors) already has. And when that data decays, well that’s just too bad... And there's little incentive for the data provider to fix the dirty data -- as inside their offices the saying, "bad data sells just as well as good" is a phrase you will NEVER hear at CIENCE. 

CIENCE Sales Data Solutions

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Traits of Our People

High Accuracy
The CIENCE process includes Researchers, Quality Assurance (QA) and management in the building of bespoke lead lists for our clients. We’re known for our high-accuracy results, operating at >97% across all data.
Training is extensive prior to any “live” customer account deployments. Data science - methods, processes, algorithms- and  fundamentals of information gathering are part of the core curriculum.

Our Technology

Cutting Edge

Our data-driven approach reflects the machine learning capabilities of the CIENCE software. We leverage the latest algorithms in semantic analysis, natural language processing, and workflow automation.

Multiple Sources

CIENCE teams utilize the best possible sources of accurate information to build comprehensive, bespoke lead lists. This includes first-person and specialized data retrieval.

Combined Data sets

This also includes the ability to combine data sets— which software alone cannot match. Your buyer persona, potential addressable market, and appointment-to-lead ratios all increase with greater targeting, not to mention Golden Lists that completely match your specifications.

People + Tools = Results

The CIENCE difference starts with people. Clever,
motivated research professionals take:
Demographic data
(e.g. Title, Geo, Department, Email, Phone)
Psychographic data
(e.g. Social Behavior, Sentiment Analysis)
Firmographic data
(e.g. Industry, Revenues, Headcount)
Trigger Event, Market Event,
Specialized data
Technographic data
(e.g. Tech Stack)
To validate, enrich, and even combine these criteria to create highly-specific lead lists, unmatched by software or other services.
It’s Data Intelligence at it’s finest.

Meet Your CIENCE-tists


I deliver curated, highly-targeted and (most important!) accurate lead lists to my clients, quickly. I’m familiar with Account-Based Marketing or pure demographic targeting of individual prospects. I always focus on the ICP (Ideal Customer Profiles) we build together to ensure only the right leads are found.

I sweat the details to identify the decision makers at your target accounts. I have access to great tools, including the CIENCE Platform, which help me outperform my lead list quotas. I can sift through a wide variety unique attributes for each prospect for deeper personalization or qualification in your outreach phase. I can also validate your existing leads and enrich them with unique data attributes.