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How A Marketing Agency Filled Their Pipeline With Qualified Leads

About August Ash

August Ash is a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing and web design and development. They have served over 350 companies in navigating the complexities of digital transformation to drive growth and business acceleration.

Vas Leckas
Sales and Marketing Director
Marketing & Advertising

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Technically-oriented companies

Product: Web design, web development, and digital marketing

August Ash partnered with CIENCE to find “technically oriented” B2B companies manufacturing complex products and/or services employing engineers, scientists, architects, or similar titles.

“We needed a partner to do three things: build a scalable and predictable pipeline, determine how to fit Sales Development Reps into our total sales and marketing system, and test email-driven sales messaging in our marketplace,” said Vas Leckas, Sales and Marketing Director at August Ash.

Over four months, a dedicated CIENCE researcher generated over 4,000 qualified leads, while the copywriter created multi-wave email outreach strategies. By the end of the campaign, ~1,900 leads were eligible for re-engagement.

Many marketing agencies trust CIENCE with their lead generation. Through servicing 121+ industries in our short history, we’ve learned to build trust quickly.


“CIENCE was responsive and clearly communicated project goals and progress. Their findings helped shape the marketing strategy. They take a highly scientific approach to building pipelines that align with known methodologies. They’re able to build pipelines from a scalable and predictable revenue standpoint.”

CIENCE is a human-driven, machine-powered company. We combine the intelligence of our employees with automatization and work facilitation from modern software to build pipeline for our clients.

“CIENCE approached sales exactly how our company did (using data to drive decisions). They worked incredibly well with our team, and the project leads were extremely professional. They had open and honest communication and felt like an extension of our team—not just a vendor.”

CIENCE exists to help its clients study new markets, find targeted prospects, and begin meaningful sales conversations with them. We work at the top of the sales pipelines to create an environment that helps leads move forward to later stages of the funnel.


“CIENCE began our partnership by conducting research and planning/exploratory work to help us better understand our ideal client profiles, the different industries we were targeting, and how to make our message resonate with those groups.”

Over the past 3 years, we have built an efficient methodology for sales research and outbound prospecting. Applying necessary changes to fit a particular industry and business, CIENCE then implements these methods in the campaigns managed for our clients.

“After that initial phase, they began creating sales email templates for prospecting and lead research and generation. They identified both companies and individuals that would be a good fit based on our ideal client profiles and buyer personas. The other SDR activities included outreach and sales email campaigns with the goal of scheduling meetings or at least starting conversations.”

Extension of your team

The CIENCE SDR Team consists of a Sales Researcher, a Sales Development Rep, a Customer Success Manager, and a host of support staff ranging from Copywriters to QA to Deliverability Specialists that strategically execute elements of campaigns.

This composition guarantees the timely performance of every task and the opportunity for every CIENCE team member to contribute his or her domain experience to the campaign.

“We interfaced on a weekly basis to discuss progress, updates, and feedback. They sent a report out at the end of every week to review where we were at with lead generation.”

Reporting ensures that our customers know how all outbound prospecting is managed on their behalf. CIENCE provides campaign statistics on a weekly basis, which enables clients to make timely decisions on campaign tactics. When it comes to changes, CIENCE is flexible. We always make sure to provide clients with recommendations on campaign optimizations.

The CIENCE Research model offers bespoke, human-curated lead lists that are built from scratch. Even if data is hard to find, CIENCE’s dedicated team members are able to focus hard to develop precise results using a wide array of data tools.


Outbound prospecting is a powerful tool for studying the market and its response. It’s a great way to test your Ideal Customer Profile.

“CIENCE Technologies provided market research to inform our own strategies and how to create better engagement.”

“We still have a variety of market qualified leads currently sitting in the nurturing system that we anticipate will eventually turn into actual opportunities. We also have some sales qualified leads in our pipeline and a lot of prospects that CIENCE Technologies helped us gather.”

Using the extensive outreach, CIENCE provides multiple market insights to our clients, helping to introduce them to new prospects and then begin meaningful conversations. Many conversations turn into appointments and deals.