Beijer Electronics Case Study

Sales Research & Development

How Beijer Electronics Closed More Deals With CIENCE's Industry-Specialized Research And Outreach

About Beijer Electronics

Beijer Electronics is a multinational cross-industry innovator of flexible solutions to control, connect, and present data for business-critical applications. Their open software, hardware, and IoT solutions help customers optimize processes and create secure communications, complete with leading-edge user experiences.

Their largest market segment is the general industrial use of automation and data communication, e.g. factory automation, where standard products are largely used. Complementing this general segment, they have identified a number of segments with very specific requirements where Beijer Electronics have a leading edge

Doug Stubbs
VP - Americas Sales at Beijer Electronics
Industrial Automation

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Industries that require HMI (especially in the extreme environment)

Product: Human-Machine-Interface (the device + software)

Specifics: Multinational Company with few sales managers in the US

Doug Stubbs, Vice President – Americas Sales: “We wanted to increase the number of prospects at the top of our sales funnel. Because we only have about half a dozen salespeople scattered around the United States, we needed to be more efficient in generating leads. We wanted a partner to help us find leads, make initial contact, and introduce customers to our product.”
This case is an example of how CIENCE can help multinational firms increase their United States presence. Since Beijer Electronics didn’t have a large North American sales organization, they wanted every sales manager focused entirely on selling and winning deals– rather than on time-consuming prospecting. That’s where CIENCE comes in handy with our meticulous process.

“I looked into several firms that were using similar lead generation services and decided that it was something we wanted to add to our business. I found CIENCE and was impressed with the sales rep I spoke with. He gave clear and concise answers, process descriptions, and a detailed explanation of the results I should expect. He also assured me that I could be as involved in the process as I pleased.“

CIENCE clients experience the effectiveness of our prospecting methodology twice. First, they get to our sales funnel as leads and our Inbound or Outbound SDRs conduct meaningful sales conversations. Then they enjoy our service as our clients.

I was comfortable with their approach and ultimately chose them as a partner.


“The team size varies between five and six members. They provide a researcher, who generates leads and submits them for review each week. We review each prospect before they initiate contact. We also work with an account relationship manager, who we speak with on a weekly basis, as well. For day-to-day contact, there’s a full-time telemarketer who handles phone calls and sets our appointments.”

Beijer Electronics chose SDR Team option that consists of one dedicated Lead Researcher and one dedicated Sales Development Rep. Each SDRT is overseen by a Customer Success Manager. The messaging is provided by our copywriters and campaign strategists. Apart from that, we have supervisors who control quality for each function.

“CIENCE identifies potential clients based on general criteria regarding company industry, size, and sector. Then, they target these leads through email to establish initial contact and encourage a response. Soon after, they follow up via phone calls to solidify appointments with my salespeople.

We secure the quality of the appointments at two stages of the process. First, we find high-quality leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile and make sure that their contact data is up-to-date and correct. Then we initiate conversations with them in order to check if they’re a good fit for your company.


“In just a few weeks, CIENCE developed a good understanding of the industry and its technical language, which helped them secure more appointments than expected.”

CIENCE is praised by its clients for our ability to conduct successful campaigns for the most complex technology products (such as Human-Machine Interfaces of Beijer Electronics).

We’re not afraid of high-tech industries because we hire smart candidates and put the requisite time and effort into their training.

Their organization and collaborative skills help them continuously improve the lead generation campaign.