How CIENCE Keeps Generating Warm Leads For Brightspot

Generating Pipeline and Warmer Leads for Our Account Executives

Brightspot Case Study

About Brightspot

Brightspot is the future of digital publishing.

As life-long publishers and media gurus, Brightspot’s founders grew weary of the overly complex CMS technologies available on the market. These “solutions” were slow, rigid, and hard to use. Even worse, none of them catered specifically to the needs of high-speed digital publishers, media companies, and brand storytellers.

In 2012, Brightspot set out to change all of that. Brightspot was created on a light-weight, data-modeling framework to deliver the speed and agility modern content producers crave. Their low-code foundation unlocks more digital power for users, getting technology out of the way of effective, creative strategies.

Josh Martin
VP of Marketing
Computer Software

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Corporate & Media – Mid to Large corporations.

Product: A modern CMS and DAM with best-in-class editorial tools and robust admin features.

Brightspot hired CIENCE to generate their pipeline and get warm leads for their Account Executives. CIENCE researchers were tasked with examining prospects based on Brightspot’s target audience, finding prospects’ contact information, and proceeding with cold-emailing once approved. In this way, CIENCE’s specialists were able to fill Brightspot’s top-of-funnel pipeline, ultimately providing valuable additional resources to Brightspot’s in-house Business Development Representative team. 


“The team we worked with was extremely communicative. We had a weekly meeting with the team and in advance of every meeting, they provided in-depth reporting and analysis on their weekly activities. 

This provided us insight into how our campaigns were performing and we were able to then leverage some of their best practices for our in-house campaigns.” – Josh Martin, VP of Marketing for Brightspot


Brightspot found working with CIENCE to be a valuable experience thanks to CIENCE’s proactive, open communication, and ability to share expertise and best practices.

As Josh Martin said, “I have nothing negative to say about CIENCE… When we asked for more, they provided more ideas and suggestions. When we needed to pull back due to time constraints, they kept working in our absence.”