How CIENCE Generates Leads and Researches For Capacity

Lead Generation and Research

Capacity Case Study

About Capacity

Capacity is an AI company that provides a virtual assistant designed for business environments.

It connects apps, mines documents, captures tacit knowledge, and automates processes—all instantly accessible via chat. Their software empowers sales teams with instant access to corporate knowledge. It eliminates the time and money spent answering the same repeat questions with a robust, dynamic knowledge base designed for Tier 0 support.

Capacity streamlines workflows with their best-in-class process automation platform, built for the enterprise, and designed for the everyday team member. A company’s entire knowledge base becomes accessible to any employee.

Capacity was built from the ground up on artificial intelligence. Machine learning and state-of-the-art algorithms power Capacity’s natural language processing.

Ben Kraus
Vice President of Sales
Computer Software

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Companies with 500+ employees in specific geographical regions

Product: AI-powered virtual assistant

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Capacity. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct cold-email campaigns.


“They were fantastic in managing our email marketing efforts.” – Ben Kraus, Vice President of Sales

Capacity initially chose to work with CIENCE because they offered a competitive price for lead generation services. CIENCE found leads through social media platforms like LinkedIn. They then set up an email marketing system and connected it to HubSpot, Capacity’s marketing automation platform, so interested parties could schedule meetings directly with their VP of Sales.

“They were very responsive and cooperative,” says Ben Kraus. “Their team would address my questions and concerns in a consistent and timely manner. Generally, we spoke on a weekly basis, and they would provide a report that detailed their performance, effectiveness, and next steps.”


Capacity and CIENCE first partnered in November 2018. Initially, Capacity didn’t have a sales team and needed a vendor to satisfy short-term needs like securing meetings with key players and introducing their product to the market.

As of April 2020, CIENCE has secured approximately 30 meetings with their ideal prospects, several of which represented Fortune 500 companies, and one of which resulted in a six-figure contract.

“They provided quality results at a competitive price,” says Ben Kraus. “Partnering with CIENCE Technologies paid for itself. We still have a number of opportunities that their team secured waiting in our pipeline.