Elevated Case Study

Sales Development

How A Marketing Agency Locked In More Leads And Meetings Than Anticipated

About Elevated

Elevated is an internet marketing agency specializing in SEO, CRO, Paid Media/Search, Web Development, and Design. They specialize in working with highly regulated industries and their diverse service lines come together to deliver data-driven results that increase conversions, sales, and client high fives.

Elevated offers data-driven design solutions with kick-ass user experiences (UX) that evoke action. They are experienced developers backed by a team of marketing experts, offering continual optimization, manual reviews, and ongoing testing. They offer Evolutionary Design Reputation Management in a world where consumer research is at an all-time high and reputation can make or break your online presence.

Cary Johnson
Marketing & Advertising

Challenges & Scope

Elevated came to CIENCE to build a steady process for lead generation and prospect outreach. We began by building an ideal customer profile that would provide clear guidelines to our sales researchers for what companies and titles to target.

Cary Johnson, CEO of Elevated: “We wanted to create more awareness of our company and get new prospects into our sales funnel. CIENCE was tasked with improving our lead generation efforts. To do this, they identified our target client profile and found decision-makers within companies that fit within that outline. They built contact lists and came up with appropriate ways to reach those potential clients.”

The core CIENCE SDR Team package is comprised of a Sales Researcher, a Sales Development Rep, a Customer Success Manager, and varied support staff such as Copywriters, QA Managers, and Campaign Specialists. With offices around the globe, CIENCE offers a highly competitive price for an experienced and dedicated team against in-house options.

"They started a drip campaign with the goal of creating awareness of who we are and how venture clients could benefit from working with us. They allocated three people to work on this project. One person was responsible for building the contact lists, while two other people managed the outreach emails and coordinated with me to issue responses and schedule meetings."


The key to outbound prospecting is building respectful and tactful conversations with leads. CIENCE excels at training SDRs on how to execute on this via outbound campaigns. We believe that B2B sales heavily depends on meaningful human communication delivering value.

“CIENCE made sure the campaign was assertive but also respectful of the privacy and communication policies of the companies that were contacted. They conducted outreach using our voice and politely accommodated those who didn’t want our services and no longer wished to be contacted.”

We help our clients build a holistic customer experience for their buyers, starting with the very first “touch.” To achieve this, we act as an extension of our customers’ teams to narrowcast their brand authenticity, corporate culture, and unique service.

“We liked their ability to build contact lists because successful outreach takes time and we’d be able to use those lists for future marketing efforts. We saw a couple of benefits, but the creation of any new prospects was valuable to us.”

CIENCE made sure the campaign was assertive but also respectful of the privacy and communication policies.


It’s our corporate culture – we go the extra mile to make everything possible to attain our customers’ goals. However, it’s even more gratifying to know that we’ve surpassed their expectations.

“They generated more leads and meetings than we had initially anticipated. They put a lot of new prospects at the top of our sales funnel and we’re currently in the process of closing with 2–3 clients. We can easily cover the investment by closing at least one of the leads.”

Outbound prospecting is the first stage of a much longer sales process, and length depends on the industry, product complexity, terms of service, and many other factors. However, when executed correctly, outbound prospecting can deliver favorable results and boost your sales.

“The number of new client meetings they were able to schedule was remarkable. I’m happy to refer them considering those numbers alone. They’re also open to feedback and are always looking for ways to improve.”

"The number of new client meetings they were able to schedule was remarkable."