Case Study

Sales Development

How CIENCE Landed Dream Clients For An Online Events Registration Software Company


Online registration software that bridges the gap between event organizers and event attendees, giving the global events ecosystem a better solution to event planning and event discovery.

Jim Vaughan
Chief Revenue Officer

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Types of events + Number of attendees were the priority.

Product: Online platform for event management, marketing, and registration required very specific research that can only be done by a human at this point. CIENCE lead generation specialist was to grind multiple events that would fit the Ideal Customer Profile. came to CIENCE because they needed to increase lead generation and research, augmenting in-house sales development capabilities. CIENCE provided full-time researchers who are completely dedicated to finding contact information of potential clients. An inside salesperson was also assigned to focus on sending emails to prospective clients and schedule appointments with potential customers.


Jim Vaughan, Chief Revenue Officer of, said, “Our engagement speaks to the effectiveness of their process. I get bombarded daily by all sorts of vendors, but I thought CIENCE’s emails were fairly clever. They caught my attention, so I talked to their account executive and agreed to a 90-day trial of their services. They accomplished the objectives we set out and we’re now engaged for another 90 days.”

CIENCE offers a variety of packages to appropriately fit client businesses. The typical Onboarding phase lasts an intensive 10-Business Days, after which outbound campaigns are launched to the world.

“Their enthusiasm to provide a service and get results is evident. They take a personal interest in our company and want to do their best. That’s always important to me as an employer. The results up to this point indicate that the model works. They’re unique in that their program is scalable. As we expand into new business areas, we can increase our relationship with CIENCE to continually generate new leads and appointments.”

CIENCE hosts weekly meetings with to discuss results, strategies, and performance. CIENCE also hosts internal meetings to stay on top of campaigns, discuss innovative new ideas and make changes based on the results.

“They’re unique in that their program is scalable. As we expand into new business areas, we can increase our relationship with CIENCE to continually generate new leads and appointments.”


“There’s been an increase in the number of leads coming into our sales team. I track the response rate based on how many leads and appointments result in revenue generation. Based on what’s in the pipeline, that return should increase exponentially next quarter.”

CIENCE has created messaging for based on events like endurance events (marathons, runs), festivals, camps and sporting events and general admission conventions. We’ve focused on setting meetings with job titles like Race Directors, Event Organizers, and Event Directors.

“They’re probably the most attentive firm we’ve worked with. For example, they recommended we provide a list of people we didn’t get to talk to while attending a large trade show. They followed up with me for multiple days to provide that list. Thanks to their tenacity, an outbound campaign to those contacts begins today. Their responsiveness has always been spot-on.”

Each CIENCE service is backed with professional account management. Customer Success Managers regularly optimize campaigns for constant improvement, while always being receptive to client feedback.