How CIENCE Generates Leads and Orchestrates Outbound Marketing Campaigns For Forest Travel

Sales Development

Forest Travel Case Study

About Forest Travel

Forest Travel is more than just one of the biggest travel agencies in the state of Florida. When they first began to help people fulfill their travel bucket lists, they called Chicago home. More than 30 years later, Forest Travel is known for its innovations, expert dedicated travel agents, and their ability to book any type of vacation that their clients desire.

Forest Travel is made up of dedicated travel agents who epitomize their mission to understand both the corporate travel industry and the customers who want to get away from it all. Since their inception, they have built up a staff of advisors with knowledge about every travel niche. They have the latest technology to save time and money with custom online booking tools, expense management/automation, Duty of Care, travel policy compliance, and much more.

Carmen Stinson
Director of Travel Sales & Operations
Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Pharma, Medical Devices, Software, Consumer Product Goods (CPG), Business Services, Food & Beverage, Retail, and other major industries with specific travel needs.

Product:  Premium corporate travel services.


“The best part is working with the Leader of the project (account manager) and the SDR assigned to us. They were very responsive, adaptable, and organized. Truly a pleasure working with them.” – Carmen Stinson, Corporate Travel Director

Forest Travel was having a hard time targeting certain companies based on their revenue, employee base, and travel expenditures. They were looking to give their outbound efforts a lift and selected CIENCE for their lead generation needs.

CIENCE conducted research based on Forest Travel’s ICP and orchestrated outbound marketing campaigns to qualify leads. “CIENCE generated the number of leads in the time agreed and worked closely with the Corporate Travel Director on changes and some fine-tuning needed,” says Stinson.


The partnership got off to a very successful start and continued to gain traction over time.

“After two weeks of start, we already had several calls booked. In 3 months (with one SDR), we had over 35 calls, which was much more than I ever did by myself,” Carmen Stinson says.