How CIENCE Orchestrated Outbound Sales For the Interactive App Give and Take

Sales Development

Give and Take Case Study

About Give and Take

Give and Take builds solutions that allow people to share knowledge, exchange help, and build relationships while delivering tangible ROI. They apply the concepts of generalized reciprocity to enterprises in an accessible, scalable way through their products, Givitas and the Reciprocity Ring. 

Give and Take is rooted in cutting-edge academic research, showing that when you make it surprisingly easy, people will be surprisingly generous, kind, and connected. In turn, these positive attitudes translate to engagement, loyalty, and bottom-line business results.

Sarah Allen-Short
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Computer Software

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: Give and Take is an interactive App that provides real-time interaction among colleagues, sharing ideas, and inspiring innovation. The market size for this application is substantial and, so, an opportunity presented itself to create US-based lead generation in an effort to increase outbound sales to its pipeline. 

ICPDirector-level and up to HR and People leaders at companies with 5,000+  employees or associations with 5,000+ members. 

Solution: CIENCE Technologies orchestrated an outbound campaign, conducting precise research, personalized outreach, and carefully crafting copy to be delivered via email, LinkedIn, and landing page channels.


In April 2019, Give and Take was looking at companies that outsourced sales. In that search, they discovered CIENCE Technologies, a firm whose overall approach to lead generation was much more scientific than most. With each individual campaign, CIENCE’s sales team pulled together its researchers, content writers, sales development representatives, and customer success managers in an effort to create and deliver a quality, customizable campaign.

“Their price blows everybody else out of the water,” says Sarah Allen-Short, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Plus, CIENCE Technologies’ name reflects what they do: they follow this super scientific formula for figuring out what works and what doesn’t.”


CIENCE Technologies performed outbound sales activities, including list-building, prospecting, appointment-setting, and pitch-writing. “Their research team is particularly on point,” says Short-Allen. “We just hit 85 meetings. We were expecting 1–2 per week at least. On a good week, we get one appointment a day. They’ve surpassed our minimum metric by far.”

With more than 70,000 emails delivered to its targeted audience, strong open rates, and consistent double-digit qualified meetings each month, Give & Take has successfully introduced outbound predictability to their pipeline. “We’ve been working with CIENCE for over a year. They’re great, and I would highly recommend them,” Short-Allen continues. “They’re like a part of my team.”