How CIENCE Generated Over 60% Of Sales For a Marketing Agency

Sales Development

Grow Case Study

About Grow

Grow is a digital strategy, creative, and technology agency. They create industry-leading digital experiences, platforms, and campaigns for some of the world’s most beloved brands. Their clients know them as a committed partner who delivers every time.

Grow has been consistently recognized by the industry’s leading awards and publications. They’ve received honors from the Cannes Lions, the Webby’s, the One Show, and the FWA among others. The company and its work have been featured in leading publications like The New York Times, USA Today, Fast Company, Mashable, Advertising Age, and Creativity.

Nathan Brown
Business Development Director
Marketing & Advertising

Challenges & Scope

GROW created high-quality solution which only large companies could afford. For us, the key challenges in this campaign were:

  • Generating the contact data of the leads that fit the ICP
  • Reaching out to them in a meaningful way

Nathan Brown, Business Development Director at Grow: “We contracted with CIENCE to generate leads and increase the quality of the leads we receive. If we have more meetings with our target customers, we are likely to make more sales. We wanted to increase that meeting volume while still meeting with the right types of clients and companies.”

The outbound prospecting methodology that CIENCE uses enables to constantly feed the pipeline with high-quality leads (up-to-date contact data of decision-makers that fit your Ideal Customer Profile). Once a business gets a constant inflow of potential clients it can increase the number of deals won and at the same time make sales more predictable.


“They contacted us through an email campaign. It happened to be good timing because I knew I was looking for someone like them, but I hadn’t yet started that search.”

According to Rain Group, 71% of vendors want to hear sellers at the stage of seeking new ideas, and 62% — at the stage of looking for a solution. CIENCE targeted Grow at the earliest stage thus securing the conversation. And this is what our SDRs do on behalf of our clients every day.

“They’re at the very top of our sales funnel. They identify leads through their own research methods based on a customer profile that we provide. We then review and approve each of those leads. Those leads are then imported into a workflow that we use to reach clients—either with cold calls or email campaigns.”

Sales Research (and intelligence) is the heart of our business. CIENCE trains people to look for decision-makers in companies that match a number of criteria. We have an efficient process of finding their contact data that also includes quality assurance steps.

“CIENCE takes feedback well and makes appropriate changes to implement that feedback.”


“Our business is improving, and I’ve also saved a lot of stress because of their work. Because of CIENCE’s thorough research and adherence to the customer profile, the number of meetings with potential clients each quarter increased by at least 150% from the previous year, leading to more sales.”

On average CIENCE lead generation specialist can provide 40-50 high-quality leads per day, approximately 250 per week and 1000 per month. This is an ongoing process that brings results when applied properly.

“Our high-water mark, comparing Q1 2018 to Q1 2017, is a 367% increase. At this point in Q4 2018, we’ve already seen a 148% increase in meetings from all of 2017. In conjunction with these increases in meetings, we’ve seen similar growth in our sales.”

The steady number and high quality of sales leads improve the results of your sales team. The latter increases conversion rates. The former secures that there will be a certain quantity of converted leads every month.