Igenomix Case Study

Sales Development

How CIENCE Reliably Sets 2-4 Qualified Meetings Per Week For A Leading Genomics Company

About Igenomix

Founded in 2012, Igenomix initially sought to provide clinical sequencing for recessive genetic disorders. However, available commercial technology failed to produce a comprehensive test, missing nearly 30 percent of known causal mutations. Compelled to develop a technology that is capable of detecting all genetic variation, Igenomix pivoted to begin work on a low-cost sample preparation technology.

Invented in the laboratory of Dr. Daniel Salomon at The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA) and licensed exclusively to Igenomix, this technology has become the core of all Igenomix NGS applications. In 2014, Igenomix began operations in Southern California to further develop the technology and intellectual property. Igenomix currently has five product lines in development.

Justin Kermack
Manager of Science and Integration

Challenges & Scope

Justin Kermack, Manager of Science and Integration: “Our goal was to set up targeted meetings with potential customers. We found CIENCE through word of mouth. A trusted industry friend recommended them and mentioned that they could be a great asset.”
There are two key challenges of outbound prospecting for genomics/biotechnology companies. First, the Ideal Customer Profile can be very specific while the Total Addressable Market is relatively small. This makes sales lead research very difficult.

Second, the products/services of such companies are complex. SDRs and content writers without respective education or background may find it hard to understand what the product is, in its essence, how it helps potential customers, and how it differs from the offers of competitors.

“We hired CIENCE for lead generation and email marketing. Since we have limited manpower and operate under a cost-efficient model, we wanted to maximize our outreach at an affordable price.”

The ICP of genomics firms can be very specific while the Total Addressable Market is relatively small.


“We run campaigns to generate leads. Our sole purpose is to set up conference calls with a high close rate. They handle the first stage of our lead funneling process, then transfer leads to us when they’re ready to meet.”

This is a standard procedure of the work of CIENCE SDR Team. We have one dedicated sales researcher who finds 30-50 leads per day (depending on the task complexity). We use Ideal Customer Profiles – demographic, firmographic, and sociographic details of your ideal clients. Then, a dedicated SDR reaches out to them on your behalf.

“For the general campaign, they use keywords we gave them to build lists of leads and identify ideal customers. Our targeted campaigns focus on conference attendee lists. They use email templates to set up meetings around key trade shows.”

The biotechnology industry has many conferences throughout the year. CIENCE finds the lists of event attendees and enriches them. Then we reach out to the people on the list offering them to set up an appointment with Igenomix at the respective event.

Our targeted campaigns focus on conference attendee lists.


“CIENCE delivers on time, implements suggestions quickly, and creates excellent custom email templates. Our team leader orchestrates a smooth workflow by designing ideal campaigns and efficient templates. The lead generation expert and email marketer communicate with our team as necessary and handle their responsibilities sufficiently.”

One of the main advantages of Igenomix’ product (among many others) is its price: it enables cost-efficient DNA sequencing. Hiring an in-house lead-generation team would have increased that price significantly.

Working with CIENCE enabled Igenomix to reliably generate appointments with their Ideal Customers while maintaining an attractive Return on Investment (ROI)– thereby providing more affordable treatment for adults and children around the US. CIENCE is proud of being part of that process.

“We average a 40% open rate, a 10% reply rate, and a 1% appointment rate. This allows us to generate two to four meetings a week. It's a strong driver of customer adoption.”