Sales Development

How A Startup IT Company Gained Prospects With a Shotgun Start

About Impact Workforce Technology

Impact Workforce Technology is a firm focused on developing and supporting human resource technology solutions. Their clients are staffing agencies and companies that utilize temporary labor as part of their labor strategy.

Impact Workforce Technology has developed Clarity VMS, a cloud-based vendor management software that is designed to help organizations increase efficiencies in relation to their workforce strategy and manage procurement, performance, and payment processes.

Clarity provides real-time reporting and analytics, streamlines processes, centralizes employee data, improves communication with hiring managers, and more.

Jessica Cook
Vice President
Human Resources

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Industry and size specific

Product: Employee-management Software

Impact Workforce Technology is a startup. They struggled with building a predictable and scalable process that would provide their sales team with qualified prospects.

Jessica Cook, Vice President: “We were trying to build ourselves and our marketing processes. We needed help with creating the marketing content and launching marketing campaigns and managing them. We needed it done in a high-volume capacity that we couldn’t do internally.”


For Sales Development Projects, we’ve developed a repeatable process based on the best inside sales practices. We start by filling the database with up-to-date contact data for the leads that fit the Ideal Customer Profile. Then we tailor a customized message to deliver via approved channels.

“CIENCE did excellently. They identify people that are really good at what they do and their team is talented. They make themselves available. They’re based offshore, but they worked on our schedule.“

CIENCE always aims to provide the best service for its clients. We work alongside our partners to build productive outreach strategies that encompass daily and weekly activities. Every action we take is documented and made available in a report to ensure transparency and control for our customers.

“If we needed something, we were able to collaborate with the team on it. Our account manager would be the liaison between our company and CIENCE. From a customer service standpoint, I’d give them an excellent rating. “


“CIENCE assigned us a sales development rep (SDR) to manage the email campaigns, a research analyst that found the lead information, and an account manager that we had a weekly call with.”

For any SDR project, we have a fixed team composition: a dedicated sales researcher and a sales development representative. Our copywriter creates customized templates for email outreach, and every project is managed by a Customer Success Manager.

“The Sales Development Representative was fantastic, and persistent in following up with the leads. If there was anything we needed to collaborate on or a lead on the list that wasn’t a good match, we’d talk that through with our SDR. The account manager was always helpful, responsive, and would do anything he could to help us. He was someone that we met with weekly and he also made sure that the project was on track.”

CIENCE uses a People-as-a-Service model. We invest many resources in our talent pool. We hire intelligent people with exceptional soft skills and train them to become the best fit for the role.

"They identify people that are really good at what they do and their team is talented. "


For Impact Workforce Technology, CIENCE was mostly targeting staffing companies. Our experienced SDR began multiple business-to-business conversations. She identified their needs and pain points and set appointments with our client’s sales managers.

“CIENCE found us qualified leads that met our target prospect criteria, marketed those leads, and managed them. They were able to collaborate well throughout the project and brought talented resources into the work.”

A sales researcher at CIENCE can generate 50 leads a day with an average of 20 data entries per prospect. This means that our SDRs can reach out to 250 people a week (1000 a month). At the end of the month, their day-to-day work brings qualified appointments to our clients and helps them increase their sales.

"Their marketing was successful. We had a 10% response rate. We contacted about 2,000 leads and ended up with a solid 20 prospects over the first two months."