Instapage Case Study

Lead Generation and Research

How CIENCE Accelerated Growth For A Software Development Company

About Instapage

Instapage makes software that helps advertisers increase conversions through a combination of landing page optimization and testing.

Instapage empowers advertisers everywhere to achieve 4x their conversions with the same ad spend. They promise to convert more of the advertising clicks that have already been paid for and make advertising more profitable for businesses. Over 12,000 customers are achieving an average conversion rate of 16% with Instapage.

Tyson Quick

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Attendees of the events (NY roadshows, masterclasses, e.g. MarTech, SMX East, SMX West) marketing and sales decision-makers.

Product: Software that increases conversions by combining landing page optimization and testing

Instapage came to CIENCE because they needed help with research and lead generation for a variety of events, business trips, and summits. Also, CIENCE provided support for targeting different types of marketing agencies. These agencies were classified by service type (media, SEM, SMM, etc.) and by partnerships (Google, Hubspot, etc.). Instapage collaborated with our research team for lead generation. Afterward, those leads were targeted by our SDRs.


Adit Gupta, Director of Business Development of Instapage, said
“CIENCE is a great fit if you’re trying to drive a part of your sales pipeline or test our new messaging very quickly for a small price. They’re a good alternative for companies who are looking to invest in services rather than hiring and onboarding internal people.”

CIENCE can complement your sales development team. There is a lot of tedium work in research and lead generation. We can take care of it, while your teams can focus on pitching and closing business.

“The quality of work is fantastic and their work ethic is second to none. CIENCE is an offshore team, but they’re available during US hours. We have weekly meetings based on my schedule, and whenever I give them a task, it’s typically done by the following morning. They’re also quick to answer questions at any time.”

CIENCE tests various subject lines and copies for email templates to see which ones work best. We also give feedback to each customer about how the testing went, with specific metrics showing which templates performed well.

“The quality of work is fantastic and their work ethic is second to none.”


“Compared to an internal team of sales development representatives (SDR), CIENCE is much more effective. They produce four times the outreach volume at a third of the cost. I’ve seen months where they’ve sent almost 6,000 emails, which is a crazy amount. Not only are they sending these emails, but they’re also converting them into appointments, and their conversion rates are at least two or three times higher than our internal SDRs.”

CIENCE delivers results and feels like a part of your team. A CSM assigned to a certain project takes care of it during the whole period of cooperation.We know your ICP and product by heart, which gives us an opportunity to react and handle tasks fast. From October 2018 to September 2019, CIENCE has imported and enriched more than 6,000 contacts and delivered over 24,821 emails for Instapage.

“I’m super impressed with CIENCE’s approach. I’m the one who decided to extend our relationship after the trial period, and it’s because they managed the process so well. They’re flexible with requirements and always very responsive. We have two business units that have independent contracts with them. That alone is a testament to the excellent work they do.”

Overall, Instapage’s Business Development Team has partnered with CIENCE on 11 event campaigns, totaling 84 qualified appointments set.

“Responsive, flexible team getting us great meetings”