How CIENCE Generates Leads and Outbound Marketing Campaigns For Justuno

Sales Development

Justuno Case Study

About Justuno

Justuno is an innovative website traffic conversion platform that integrates eCommerce platforms with email marketing software, helping online businesses increase lead capture and sales. They had the big idea to help every online business in the world be successful, starting with social incentives and promotions platforms, and are now constantly innovating to push the industry forward. Justuno strives to outsmart, out-build, and out-develop competitors in service to its clients. Their suite of tools helps their users earn big wins every day. Located in multiple major tech corridors, Justuno has offices in San Francisco, Austin, and Los Angeles.

Adrian Hunter
Vice President of Sales

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Fashion & Apparel eCommerce businesses, midsize to large.

Product: Conversion software that links eCommerce and marketing platforms to increase lead capture and sales for online businesses.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Justuno. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct cold-multichannel campaigns.


“CIENCE brought in results, were extremely responsive, easy to work with, and a very valuable asset to our team!” – Adrian Hunter, Vice President of Sales.

Justuno assigned CIENCE to sourcing leads and conducting outbound marketing campaigns for their software platform beginning in September 2018. 

“Mike (VP) and Cience team are professional and easy to work with. Extremely responsive,” wrote Hunter.


During the collaboration, CIENCE was very successful in sourcing leads and running several cold email outreach campaigns geared towards furthering their business’ growth. These campaigns included timely promotional offerings during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Through their cooperative efforts, CIENCE and Justuno were able to meet their campaigns’ intended prospect conversion goals, and then some. CIENCE’s reliable intercommunication, organization, and process-focused planning and creative messaging helped steer the campaigns in order to secure appointments with Justuno’s prospects.

When faced with difficulties, Justuno and CIENCE were able to overcome without a hitch. “The challenges that come with outsourced work is a factor but doesn’t stop progress,” said Hunter.

CIENCE’s professionalism, organization, and staff expertise in outbound marketing helped Justuno properly target the company’s audience based on their Ideal Customer Profile. CIENCE focused on targeting recruiting agencies that could help sell Justuno’s out-of-the-box integrations to their own clients.

“Their lead (Jean) has been very helpful with sales ops related work. Big value add,” said Hunter.