Marketplace Valet Case Study

Sales Development

How CIENCE Generates Leads and Orchestrates Outbound Marketing Campaigns For Marketplace Valet

About Marketplace Valet

Marketplace Valet helps brands simplify the process of selling their products on multiple online marketplaces. They handle the entire process for brands from A to Z. Their fulfillment and listing management systems allow brands to focus on product development and brand building while Marketplace Valet focuses on selling. 

Consumers purchasing from Marketplace Valet have the peace of mind that their fulfillment and customer service needs are being handled by a professional marketplace seller with over 13 years of direct to consumer fulfillment experience.

Justin W. Boggs
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Consumer Product Companies, National/Global Brands,  Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Brands, and eCommerce Companies.

Product:  Fulfillment and Listing Management Systems

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Marketplace Valet. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct orchestrated outbound marketing campaigns.


CIENCE Technologies has certainly built a machine around the lead generation process.” – Justin W. Boggs, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Marketplace Valet sought an effective means to connect with the right decision-makers at large companies selling consumer products. They found it difficult to contact individuals responsible for marketplace sales and wanted to find a service provider that could readily identify qualified prospects and set meetings.

Additionally, Marketplace Valet was looking to save their sales staff the time and resources typically invested in scouting and prospecting. “After thorough research into several companies providing these types of services,” says Justin W. Boggs, “I decided to go with CIENCE because of their great online reviews and what I perceived to be a reasonable price for all of the services provided.

CIENCE was responsible for gathering and filtering data for weekly outreach, including email marketing, outbound phone calls, LinkedIn messaging, and landing page placement. “CIENCE is a full-service provider,” says Boggs. “I don’t think I had a single weekly call with them that didn’t include at least four team members.


During the first month of engagement with CIENCE, Marketplace Valet was able to schedule two meetings, including one with a large, publicly-traded household electronics company. “This really set the tone for the rest of the project,” says Justin W. Boggs, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer. “This was exactly the type of lead that I was hoping to get in touch with. And I can confirm that the key decision-makers were all on the line, and everyone clearly understood why the call was scheduled.

Each passing month of the campaign generated a higher number of scheduled meetings than the prior. “I would attribute this to the multi-touchpoint efforts from CIENCE and the number of follow-ups,” says Boggs. “For the duration of the campaign, I was able to shift my focus to other business strategy initiatives at my company, while CIENCE took on the burden of lead generation and prospecting for me.