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How A Law Firm Got Great Results With CIENCE's Multichannel Outbound Strategies

About Morris & Kamlay

This intellectual property law firm specializes in Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) proceedings including Inter Partes Review (IPR) and Covered Business Method (CBM), patent portfolio acquisition and development (including patent prosecution), and due diligence for corporate mergers and acquisitions.

After spending years at two of the largest and oldest intellectual property specialty firms in the world, the founders were ready to do something different. They changed the traditional law firm model by eliminating minimum billable hours targets for attorneys, which turn lawyers into billing machines. They also eliminated private offices and created a shared workspace to foster transparency and firm-wide collaboration on their clients’ matters.

Aaron Kamlay
Law Practice

Challenges & Scope

Aaron Kamlay, Partner at Morris & Kamlay LLP: “We developed some new approaches to patent litigation and enforcement defense and were looking to introduce them to clients with possible interest. We needed a partner to increase exposure for these products.”

Clients often hire CIENCE to test market response to new products/services or to expand to new markets. We apply prospecting methods that enable us to begin meaningful business conversations with your potential customers. We thoroughly collect their feedback for sales and marketing teams to use in their subsequent analysis and planning.

“We were searching for a partner to increase exposure for the product. We evaluated a few options, both automated and team-based, and CIENCE seemed like the best fit for our project.”

CIENCE has employed best practices in lead generation for several years now. As a result, we’ve created an efficient methodology for sales research and outreach. At the same time, every client – and most importantly their product/service – are unique for us, and we put ample effort into providing flexibility and a customized approach.

"They offered a lot of flexibility, which we really liked."


“We gave CIENCE two tasks. Their first responsibility involved research. We had an idea of the type of clients that would be attracted to our product, but we didn’t have the time or resources to fully analyze the specific demographics. Following that discovery phase, the team put together a list of clients for us to target.“

Morris & Kamlay LLP specializes in Intellectual Property issues of merger and acquisitions, patent portfolio development, risk analysis, patent infringement claims etc. Such “niche” products often have very specific Ideal Customer Profiles that require thorough control of human intelligence during the sales research.

“CIENCE’s second task was coordinating the initial outreach efforts with these clients and tracking them. The team handled the initial screening calls to see if the clients were a candidate for the new product and then tracked the follow-up process.“

Multichannel outreach has proven to be the most efficient. At CIENCE we leverage email send-out followed by phone calls. An SDR operates the entire process within a CRM. Their actions are supervised by a Project Manager.


“They were extremely efficient in tracking the project and prioritizing their work. They were receptive to our feedback and consistently provided alternate suggestions and solutions to benefit the project.”

At CIENCE, we believe in the power of individuals and teams. We invest many resources in the personal and professional growth of our employees because we know that sales development is about interpersonal communication.

Success can only be achieved by combining working methodologies, regular activities, and skilful talents. By regular activities we mean daily and weekly routines of SDRs, comprising of email send-outs, phone calls, social touches, mailing, follow-ups, and reporting.

Their diligent exercise will bring your company the best results possible in your market.

“Initially, we were hoping to set up appointments with potential clients about once or twice a month, but CIENCE was able to secure two or three meetings a week. In our industry, this is phenomenal. We’re pleased with the results of the engagement and we plan to work with them again.”

"In terms of the part of the project that CIENCE was specifically responsible for, their performance was excellent and generated notable results for our company."