How CIENCE Helped B2C Company Transition to the B2B Market

Sales Development

Name Bubbles Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • Small businesses can benefit from a partnership with CIENCE to offer leadership and expertise when transitioning to a new market or business model. 
  • As partners in outbound, it’s important to provide detailed and honest feedback in the process to ensure campaign success.
  • When performing outreach, it’s essential to define your offer and be sure it has value for the prospects and is well-targeted to generate the best results.

About Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles is a small business run by a female founder creating award-winning custom name labels for kids. These durable, waterproof labels are suitable for children of all ages at school, daycare, camp, and sports. They are a convenient solution for busy families, making it less likely that items will go missing when they leave the home. 

Name Bubbles has been valued by customers and recognized by experts. The company was honored at the annual Small Business Excellence Awards, won a gold medal at the Mom’s Choice Awards, and received the Seal of Approval from Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA).

Name Bubbles cares about creating a more sustainable company for the future. It has plans to make its new Labels To Last facility carbon neutral by the end of this year. 

The company is also heavily involved in charitable projects, including the Positivity Project, with a mission to empower America’s youth to build positive relationships and become their best selves. 

Emily Benton
Director of Customer Service

The Story of Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles was founded by Michelle Brandriss as a way for families to stay organized. For twelve years, the New York company has successfully sold its B2C products to families through its website. 

In 2021, Name Bubbles started working on launching Labels To Last, a new division aimed at the elderly care industry. It was specifically looking to target a newer vertical of elderly homes and facilities.

"Our product is durable waterproof labels that all kids need for daycare," said Emily Benton, director of customer service at Name Bubbles. "And then many elders need them as well in different situations." This new market would include long-term care facilities and memory assistance centers.

The company could also benefit from exploring B2B options within its usual market, such as establishing partnerships with daycare facilities, educational and sports establishments, summer camps, and other organizations for children. 

As a small B2C-oriented business, Name Bubbles required external expertise to power the transition to B2B. The company started looking for an outbound team to secure appointments and learn best practices for attracting B2B clients, which lead them to CIENCE.

Challenges & Scope

Name Bubbles’s new sales strategy required a dramatic shift from B2C to B2B to achieve its growth goals. Without previous experience in this industry, it required a skilled company to take the lead on all things outbound.


As a small business, Name Bubbles did not have an internal sales team or systems in place to launch a lead generation campaign. In terms of the whole general sales process, the company was essentially starting clean.


The company needed to develop an outbound sales strategy to generate top-of-funnel leads for the B2B segment. This meant hiring an experienced team to move the e-commerce brand into this new business model.


With CIENCE, Name Bubbles would have the ability to attract new B2B clients in childcare while also targeting a completely new market in elderly care.



CIENCE was essential in helping Name Bubbles launch B2B sales outreach with innovative outbound strategies to target the right market.

Name Bubbles initially had the vision of exploring the new elderly care market but quickly found more success in the childcare market instead. "We figured out that daycares and schools are where this campaign took off," said Nick Kennedy, campaign strategist at CIENCE. 

To deliver tangible value to prospects, the campaign also included sending out free samples to potential customers. "I think that definitely helped us," said Kennedy. 

"So it is just a good reminder to define your offer and be sure that it has value for the prospect and is well targeted so you're not just ‘spraying’ and praying,” said Kennedy.

The campaign also promoted flexible purchasing options, including large bulk orders directly for clients, affiliates, or fundraising-style partnerships.

We can drive success through strategic outbound campaigns and best practices,” said Kennedy. “They’re coming for our standard appointment-setting services and the guidance we provide them.”


This one-year partnership began in January 2022. Since then, CIENCE has scheduled more than 250 appointments for Name Bubbles. Currently, the campaign has secured an average of ten appointments every week. 

"The sales playbook CIENCE created was successful," said Emily Benton. "They've had consistently impressive cold emailing open rates, and their targeted LinkedIn advertising has worked well."

Email open rates hit around 40%, and other email metrics were no less impressive: reply rates of 5% and appointment rates of 15%. 

An even more efficient channel was the phone. "With the right caller, CIENCE did find success in booking a good amount of appointments," said Benton. 

"There was a gradual build-up, but I believe they have booked more qualified appointments than we may have been able to anticipate over time," said Benton.

Cold calls, combined with sending the free samples, had an appointment rate of 20%. “I was not expecting this many appointments through the phone channel,” said Jason De Leon, sales development manager at CIENCE. “Our caller is closing one out of every three connected calls right now.”

Beginning next January, the company plans to undergo more rebranding and complete the one-year partnership. “They love us, but they're changing their whole business model at this time,” said De Leon.

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Partnership Success

Name Bubbles appreciated CIENCE’s personalized approach to outbound. "CIENCE is well-suited for building blocks when you start with very little," said Benton. "They took the time to learn our unique product and weren't hesitant to jump on an account for a less than traditional ICP."

"For a B2B launch, CIENCE is great at building lofty leads lists and a fantastic engaging playbook," said Benton, who described the team as a dedicated partner from the start. "The PM who led the way never faltered in their commitment to our account. They were always proactive about suggesting changes when the opportunity arose." 

With the full support of Name Bubbles, CIENCE was able to ramp up and execute a highly successful campaign. “There

were no big script changes in the last six months," said De Leon. "This has just gotten better and better as the months have gone on." 

“It is important that, as the client, you provide detailed and honest feedback—without communication and hard work on both ends, it simply will not work," said Benton. "CIENCE has always been open to our feedback and suggests proactive changes whenever they see the opportunity." 

By trusting the process with CIENCE, Name Bubbles was ultimately able to achieve strategic growth from B2C to B2B to reach its business goals.