How CIENCE Generates Leads and Executes Outbound Marketing Campaigns For Paralect

Sales Development

Paralect Case Study

About Paralect

Paralect is a results-oriented digital engineering company that helps small and medium-sized companies successfully embark on global expansion with products that drive innovation and make a better tomorrow happen today. They focus on the outcome of their engineering products to meet and exceed client expectations as if it was their own business. With their customer-first experience, they get to know the “why” behind their clients’ work in order to help invest in their success.

Dmitry Schetnikovich
Information Technology & Services

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Small to medium-sized Fintech, Banking, Cryptocurrency, Healthcare, Real Estate, Marketing, Social, Logistics, Education businesses.

Product:  Innovative digital products for business development.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Paralect. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conducted several orchestrated outbound marketing campaigns.


CIENCE gave us valuable and appropriate leads and connections that will help grow our business both now and into the future.” – Dmitry Schetnikovich, CEO & Co-Founder of Paralect Computer Software.

Paralect enlisted CIENCE to expand its outreach several directions and increase B2B lead generation beginning in August 2018. During the partnership, CIENCE conducted marketing research to filter prospective leads and then orchestrated several cold email outreach campaigns directed at the ideal companies that Paralect had set its sights on as potential new clients.

The two firms collaborated well together with CIENCE’s constant communication, adept organization, scheduling, reporting, and documentation of progress throughout all phases of the contract, from Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) development to the final execution process.

The CIENCE team is always willing to explain, shift, or clarify the methods they use and tailor them directly to our needs,” said Schetnikovich. All the steps of the campaign were well organized, executed, documented, and reported in a timely manner.


According to Paralect, CIENCE’s research and outreach paid off immensely with results that exceeded their initial expectations.

Their team efficiently delivered results in all these campaigns including research, correspondence, and reporting,” said Schetnikovich. “They were a great supplement to our sales and outreach team.”

CIENCE’s research and outbound campaigns immediately revealed relevant leads and impactful results, reaching the target audiences identified in Paralect’s Ideal Customer Profile. In fact, CIENCE’s outbound campaigns resulted in high-quality leads and conversion rates far above industry averages based on Paralect’s ICP.

“The first was for client lead generation with certain key attributes. Along with this, they orchestrated outreach campaigns in partnership and marketing collaboration vectors as well,” said Schetnikovich.

According to Paralect, the company enjoyed partnering with CIENCE so much they would not hesitate to recommend their services to businesses in need of supplemental outbound marketing services.

“The service they provide exceeded expectations both in terms of quality and quantity and the staff was a pleasure to work with,” said Schetnikovich.