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How CIENCE Generates Leads And Conducts Outbound Marketing Campaigns For Raid the Room

About Raid the Room

Raid the Room creates gamified activities ready for enterprise needs. They have deconstructed the traditional escape room to create bespoke and scalable solutions for corporate events. 

Traditional escape rooms are very limited in their ability to scale. Raid the Room has developed solutions to overcome those challenges. Their escape room experiences are incredibly flexible. They can integrate customized content into activities to make the experience both educational and engaging. All of their products can be configured to meet their customers’ needs.

Raid the Room’s Pop-up Escape Room Experiences are designed to delight teams with interactive and challenging puzzles that enhance training and team building objectives. Their mobile web app allows us to transition between puzzles fluidly, making the entire experience simple for users.

Kevin Wong

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Saas/Technology, Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Universities, Traditional Escape Rooms.

Product:  Scalable Escape Room Events for Corporate Team Building.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Raid the Room. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct multi-channel outreach campaigns.


CIENCE has mastered the formula in being a phenomenal partner and producing stellar results!” – Kevin Wong, Co-Founder, and CEO.

Raid the Room evaluated a handful of other companies in the lead generation and outbound marketing industries before signing on with CIENCE. After doing the research, Raid the Room found them to be a far better company with a much more compelling value and cost.

I have a lot of experience working in this industry in my past, and CIENCE was the only vendor our Executive team trusted after discussing potential contracts with at least 3 other vendors,” says Kevin Wong. “The transparency, clarity, and collaboration that they sold us on originally have only developed more as we continue to work with them.

CIENCE began by conducting research to identify prospects based on Raid the Room’s ideal customer profile. After Raid the Room selected the accounts they wanted to penetrate, CIENCE undertook multi-channel outreach on their behalf including email, phone, social, and web. 

The team is incredibly resourceful and collaborative,” says Wong. “CIENCE will regularly bring in a variety of experts to our weekly calls to help us resolve issues that I would usually expect to be out-of-scope for them. They never cease to amaze me with how much knowledge is shared between their departments and how willing they are to jump in and support us.


Within a year of their partnership with CIENCE, Raid the Room had grown over 5x.

CIENCE was a big part of that.” Kevin Wong recalls. “With their tenacity and focus on getting us in front of key players at prospective clients, we were able to focus on generating new tech, working on moonshot deals (which we ended up landing), and unlocking the full potential of our business.”

Raid the Room’s internal teams also take the data and results from CIENCE to help keep track of deals that would have otherwise likely fallen through the cracks.

“CIENCE has had an incredibly positive impact on our ROI,” says Wong. “CIENCE is not only one of our most productive vendors, but they are also one of the most strategic partners of ours. They sincerely care about the results that they produce and are always thinking outside the box to make our program better each day.

The partnership helped Raid the Room grow from a part-time passion to a successful enterprise. Wong declares, “I can literally sleep better knowing that I’ve got CIENCE in my corner supporting our lead generation efforts.”