Sales Development

STRIVE Benefits Case Study

About STRIVE Benefits

STRIVE Benefits is an employee benefits SaaS startup based out of Oakland, CA. They collect all benefits information and put it into one place, in order to help customers look for doctors, search for prices, and make better-informed decisions, saving money, time, and stress.

STRIVE Benefits has always had a clear mission: help employees with their benefits. However, they soon realized that they needed additional help getting their name and mission out to companies whose employees would greatly benefit from their service.

Saravanan Chettiar
Information Technology & Services

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Health Insurance Brokers or Benefits Brokers.

Product:  STRIVE Benefits is a SaaS product seeking to help employees manage their benefits.

On their behalf, CIENCE created an outreach strategy, including cold calls and emails, after first researching ideal candidates. The CIENCE team executed this outreach in an ABM manner, helping to set up appointments with (now) interested clients.


They’re much more cost-effective than other vendors we considered. They immediately take responsibility for their work, trying to move the project forward.” – Saravanan Chettiar, CEO of STRIVE Benefits.

STRIVE Benefits first found CIENCE on an online ratings and reviews site and noticed that they had served many happy clients in the past. After a quick onboarding that began in mid-August 2019, STRIVE Benefits has been pleased with the relationship so far, noting that CIENCE put “100% effort into project management. They were professional, detailed, and dedicated to producing high-quality work.


Just 3 months in, CIENCE was able to set up 55 meetings with interested customers, with at least half of them being extremely high-quality leads. “At the start of our relationship, our main goal was to increase awareness of our product and brand, which they’ve definitely helped us achieve,” said Saranavan, adding that to get the most out of the relationship, it’s important to invest time into preparing the campaigns.

STRIVE Benefits is excited to continue running campaigns and securing appointments in tandem with the CIENCE team.