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How CIENCE Helped Turn Technologies Close $200k in a Few Months

About Turn Technologies

Turn Tech specializes in technology designed for on-demand companies. Specifically, the technology relates to an on-demand company’s workforce of independent contractors: background checks, payments, sourcing labor, etc.

Andrew Patterson
VP at Turn Technologies Inc.

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Industry-specific + special requirements on the business type.

Product: HR software for companies that use on-demand labor

Task: Lead Generation

Andrew Patterson, VP at Turn Technologies Inc.: “My responsibility was to create a pipeline, determine our marketing strategy, and begin creating the sales funnel and groundwork for our first 10–15 customers. I wanted an external partner to help meet those demands.”

CIENCE partnered with Turn Technologies to help them in finding high-quality leads that matched a very specific Ideal Customer Profile. The task was to generate the contact data of the decision-makers and pass them to the sales team of Turn Tech.

Project Summary

“We’d identified a core audience (on-demand companies) and began segmenting them relative to the amount of fundraising they’d done. Using that as our key criterion, CIENCE identified and generated new leads and determined how to cater to key stakeholders in those businesses.”

Our company uses human intelligence as well as software to generate contact lists with 17-20 data entries per lead on average. We send a list of 30-50 prospects on a daily basis (depending on the ICP complexity) or 150-250 on a weekly basis.

“They gathered rich contact information (emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn pages, etc.) and found about 150 new companies that weren’t in our original pipeline. With that information and insight, coupled with our outreach, we were able to generate a lot of interest and move people from awareness to education and ultimately to a partner that’s in production.”

With increasing anti-spam activities, it’s essential that the bounce rate of the contact list doesn’t exceed 7%. The CIENCE methodology guarantees the highest deliverability rates on the market. We provide high-quality up-to-date contact data to our clients.

"With that information and insight, coupled with our outreach, we were able to generate a lot of interest."


Apart from the guaranteed quality of work, CIENCE provides competitive pricing. That’s how we increase the ROI of the sales process for our clients.

“Whatever capacity your partnership is, you get 100% of their attention. They’re responsive and responsible, letting me know when my contacts would be out of the office and making sure I was taken care of. They provide complete support for our project. It’s like having an expert internal sales team without having to onboard; they come already prepared.”

CIENCE excels at flexibility, high-quality, and timely delivery. We try to provide our customers with the best services. Our greatest asset is our people. Who are evenly responsible and responsive. CIENCE business is based on core human values, such as trust and respect.

“Their biggest value is their human relationship. For example, if they found a company that wasn’t actually a good fit, they were favorable and negotiable in exchanging it free of cost. They made sure the active leads were good quality and exactly what we wanted.”

"CIENCE Technology is fantastic but it’s the one-to-one relationship that makes everything work so well. "


Our tested methodology, along with scrupulous work, delivers results. Providing accurate and up-to-date leads increases conversions because of greater targeting of outreach – specifically to the right people who can consume your product and service.

“The reliability and fidelity of their data are incredibly high, relative to some incumbent or legacy type technologies. With other companies, we would get out-of-order phone numbers or incorrect emails that would bounce back, but that’s not the case with CIENCE.”

"We’ve seen about a 10% conversion rate, which is fantastic in our business."