How CIENCE Orchestrates Outbound Marketing and Optimizes Outreach Campaigns For Wrike

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Wrike Case Study

About Wrike

Wrike helps people do the best work of their life. They are the collaborative work management platform of choice for 20,000+ companies in over 140 different countries. Wrike’s software helps teams increase productivity by 50% and cut down on emails by 90%. Wrike has offices in eight cities, in over six countries and caters to 2.3 million customers around the world. Founded in 2006, Wrike’s has over 14 years of experience.

Their powerful, feature-rich platform transforms how teams work together, and with other teams, to deliver high performance, accelerated business growth, and improved customer experiences. Wrike is on mission collaborative teams do the best work of their lives.

Megan Myers
Field Marketing Manager
Computer Software

Challenges & Scope

ICPDirectors and above in Marketing, Pro Services, Product, PMO, Project Management. Companies with 5K+ employees with 50+ sized marketing teams and Marketing agencies, Management Consulting firms, IT consulting firms with 50+ employees (Director and above), as well as PMO organizations in 5K+ employee companies (Project Manager, Program Manager titles).

ProductWrike is the only collaborative work management platform for enterprises that can be fully customized for any department, team, or workflow. 

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Wrike. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they execute cold and warm engagement campaigns.


Wrike hired CIENCE to reinforce a campaign strategy that was already in place. The CIENCE-tific approach to outbound sales made the process easy. At its most essential, CIENCE stepped in to take care of all the heavy lifting involved with lead generation, enrichment, and top-of-funnel activities.

“I never had to check in with them to see why something hadn’t been done; they were just on top of things. You could explain something one time, and they had it. It was easier to work with them than almost anybody that I’ve worked with in this capacity elsewhere,” Field Marketing Manager, Wrike.


From February to July of 2020, CIENCE Technologies provided sales development representatives (SDRs) and research resources for Wrike.

The CIENCE team worked in concert to schedule meetings, as well as promote webinars and sponsored virtual events through orchestrated outreach sequences and lead generation.

“They were true professionals and could be relied upon to do a great job with anything that I tasked,” says Wrike’s Field Marketing Manager. “CIENCE Technologies excelled at learning the product and determining the most effective way to communicate with potential targets, ultimately delivering highly satisfactory results. Thorough and responsive, the team remained on top of things. Customers can expect effortless collaboration.”