Value Proposition

A value proposition (VP) is a key message from a vendor to the potential buyers. It merely explains what customers will obtain if they purchase a particular product or service. The VP isn’t a mere description of a commodity. Nor is it a slogan.

In B2B, the value proposition is the description of how a company helps its clients solve their business problems.

Let’s take a look at value propositions on CIENCE main page:

cience main page

We have one general VP - B2B Lead Generation. That’s what we do for our clients.

We also have a value proposition to each Buyer Persona we’ve outlined for our business. We created special web pages for each of them. Check out some of the key phrases that we use:

value proposition personalized for buyer personas

Value Proposition Formula & Canvas

Before creating a value proposition, you should have a plan. For that, you may use either a VP formula or a VP canvas.

formula for sales value proposition

The formula briefly outlines what components your VP should consist of. Use it to explain the definition of a Value Proposition to your team or consider it a template to your VP.

If you want to dig deeper into details, you should use a Value Proposition Canvas. This tool is more centered around the needs and values of a customer and its connection with your product.

value proposition canvas

Tips on Сreating a Value Proposition:

1. Brevity and focus

Scaling sales isn’t the only goal that CIENCE helps to attain. We’re also great at making your pipeline more predictable, filling it with high-quality leads, and converting them into appointments. We excel at both writing emails and making cold calls. Our SDRs will go the extra mile (and won’t stop there) to set an appointment for our clients.

However, this list of the values that each CIENCE customer obtains is too long to be a value proposition. So, the rule is – one challenge = one solution.

2. Comprehensiveness

A few of the values listed above can become a full-fledged value proposition. They only reflect different aspects of the services we provide. It would be best if you created a short yet comprehensive description of your solution.

For instance, Clutch knows how painful it is to make a buying decision in B2B. They’re also aware of how decision-makers are afraid of hiring a company that fails to perform well.

Their solution to this problem is simple. They provide credible data so that you can hire only “firms that deliver.”

The Value Proposition in Prospecting

The value proposition is a part of any prospecting campaign. Copywriters use it when composing an email or a phone script. SDRs must know it by heart to perform outbound prospecting better.

In the past, the content was mostly focused on listing the best qualities of the company. A self-oriented message. Although such content has acquired much criticism over the past decade, decision-makers continue to receive emails entirely focused on the senders regularly.

There’s also a client-oriented approach, and it works much better. The message is built around a specific problem of a prospect and hint on how your company solves it.

How to write a value proposition message? Self-oriented vs Client-oriented message

The tie-in to the prospect’s business goals makes the value proposition far more relevant and thus effective. Since a value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered, it’s always better when wrapped in the language of the person to whom the value will be applicable.