Wachusett Precision Tool Case Study

Sales Development

How CIENCE’s Accurate, Systematic Approach Spelled Success For Wachusett Precision Tool

About Wachusett Precision Tool

Wachusett Precision Tool (WPT) is a full-service provider for medical products, medical devices, and packaging industries.  More than “mold builders,” many of their key employees come from the medical device manufacturing industry and have built and validated 100’s of medical molds for manufacturing globally.  ​Wachusett Precision Tool (WPT) helps customers take their products from “Concept to Production,” offering full support through the development cycle.

Michael Carignan

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Medical Manufacturing Companies.

Product:  Plastic Injection Molds for Medical Devices.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Wachusett Precision Tool, a manufacturing company looking to diversify its customer base. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct outbound marketing campaigns on their behalf.


Wachusett Precision Tool (WPT) found significant success in its first three years of business. They had doubled their sales year after year. But with so much growth, they exhausted their contacts and needed to find more. Being a proactive company, WPT set out to find a lead generation company to expand and diversify its customer base.

That’s where CIENCE entered the picture. “I narrowed my search down to three companies and received proposals from each. I felt the most confident in continuing my project with CIENCE Technologies,” said Michael Carignan, President of WPT.

From there, Michael filled out a questionnaire and the CIENCE team began their research and crafted a 3-month email and cold calling campaign on behalf of WPT.


We hadn’t worked with anyone else for this service, but one of the things that swayed me was their accuracy during the proposal phase. The research that their team brought back hit all of the marks. I felt comfortable working with them after seeing that list.” – Michael Carignan.

WPT decided that if they could get three new customers that gave consistent business, then this would be a success. With the campaign not quite finished at the time Michael was interviewed for this review, he was actively quoting new programs for new companies.

Overall, he said, the collaboration was great and anyone in his position would benefit from this service. “My experience with CIENCE Technologies was extremely professional. Meetings were once a week. Their systematic approach made it easy for me.