CIENCE Releases GO Schedule: Advanced Data Planning

CIENCE has just released GO Schedule, a full-featured scheduling tool that features robust round-robin functionality and time sync for sales and marketing teams.

The product is designed to take the legwork out of booking meetings and accelerate the pace at which individuals plan meeting times with one another.

“Let’s face it—the CIENCE brand is synonymous with booking appointments. We’re delighted to introduce the software component to this critical task that begins every consultative sales cycle.” —August Keating, President and COO of CIENCE

How GO Schedule Works

CIENCE GO Schedule eliminates the needless back-and-forth negotiation trying to settle on an open slot for two or more calendars. By syncing the availability of all parties, scheduling becomes effortless. 

GO Schedule also offers robust follow-up and notification workflows that sales teams can lean on for high meeting hold rates.   

“The GO Schedule piece of the puzzle is a critical component to both the GO Platform and any modern sales and martech stack,” said Keating. “Making meetings easy to schedule, easy to remind, and then ultimately hold with prospects makes every sales team better. It is so simple yet so important.”

CIENCE GO Schedule can be deployed through a simple calendar link, all the way to handling routing complexity across sales teams of any size.

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Benefits of GO Schedule

CIENCE GO Schedule offers a complete follow-up and notification system so sales teams can generate high meeting hold rates. Your sales reps may program and trigger as many emails or SMS reminders as they need to ensure that the prospects will show up on time.

The GO Schedule tool enables complete analytics on the registered events. This way, managers have a clear view of their teams' performance. The software also provides a reporting platform so all team members can identify all booked appointments in a single dashboard.

With GO Schedule, sales reps have the ability to add, reschedule, or delete any meetings while all meeting attendees' calendars get automatically updated. Your team's booking power can be deployed through a simple calendar link, compatible with productivity software, conference apps, forms, automation, and payment integrations.

CIENCE GO Schedule: Advanced Data PlanningKey features

  • Unlimited event types 
  • Workflows: meeting notifications and reminders (including SMS)
  • Round-robins: routing forms
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integrations with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, CalDav, Cal Video,, Google Meet
  • SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR compliance
Speed Up Your Sales with GO Schedule

CIENCE GO Schedule is the perfect solution for any sales environment and comes bundled with the CIENCE GO Platform as a now-standard solution. 

GO Schedule coordinates your team and your lead’s existing calendars so meetings can be booked the right way. Get robust scheduling functionality today.

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