How CIENCE sets up Access Professional Air with Quality Leads

Lead generation for Energy-Focused Micro-Airline FirmLeads

Access Professional Air Case Study

About Access Professional Air

Access Professional Air, formerly known as Tuxedo Air, arranges air transportation services as manager of the Access Air membership and as agent for the program’s members. They serve the energy industry in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Cynthia Rike
Vice President

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Oil and Gas Industries.

Product:  Air Transport Services.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Access Professional Air (APA), a small, membership-based airline. After researching appropriate industries and clients, CIENCE conducts cold-email campaigns and arranges appointments between qualified leads and the APA sales staff.


Access Professional Air chose to work with CIENCE to secure quality leads based on their performance with another company that APA operates out of Houston.

Organized and professional, they feel that CIENCE presents a trustworthy appearance with potential customers and delivers a clear path to advancing business goals. “Their ability to secure quality leads makes them a critical component in the sales process,” said Cynthia Rike, Vice President of APA.


Working with CIENCE has ultimately sped up the sales process for APA. “By the time that we’re talking to a lead, we’re speaking to a person who makes these high-level decisions. CIENCE Technologies introduces us to the person we need to speak to in order to be successful. We’ve had several leads take advantage of our trial flight opportunities and eventually purchase memberships.

Finding the right customers and contacts at each company sits at the heart of what CIENCE does, an invaluable service that Cynthia describes as, “phenomenal.”

Asked if she would recommend CIENCE, she adds, “They can only be successful if you’re willing to teach them about your business, so it’s essential to communicate with them.