Alicat Scientific Case Study

Lead Generation and Outbound for a Biotech Company

How CIENCE Generates Leads and Conducts Orchestrated Outbound Marketing For Alicat Scientific

About Alicat Scientific

Alicat pioneered the use of laminar differential pressure flow technology, improving on traditional differential pressure metering. They manufacture and develop custom flow control, flow meter, and pressure solutions for both gas and liquid applications.

Their mass flow meters boast the industry’s highest turndown ratio, resulting in fast and accurate measurements over a wide flow range. Alicat is the only mass flow device manufacturer to back its products with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Bernard M. Chaudoir
Market Manager
Industrial Automation

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Vacuum Deposition Equipment, Physical Vapor Deposition, and Atomic Layer Deposition Companies in Europe and North America.

Product:  Custom Mass Flow Controllers.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Alicat Scientific. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct cold email and phone outreach campaigns.


Their ability to do targeted research stood out” – Bernard M. Chaudoir, Market Manager.

Alicat Scientific did not have a good list of customers and prospects. They wanted to generate an exhaustive list of ideal engineering clients and cultivate new leads. Bernard M. Chaudoir, Market Manager, had coordinated successfully with CIENCE in a previous capacity and decided to re-engage to satisfy Alicat’s needs.

They generated the desired list for us with speed and accuracy and implemented a lead generation campaign,” says Chaudoir. “They researched the biopharma space and found appropriate target names and contact info for us.” The team at CIENCE wrote email templates and phone scripts to start sales conversations with Alicat’s ideal customers. 

Their research and targeting ability is top-notch,’ Chaudoir says. “Discussion, collaboration, and work ethic are all on point.


Alicat worked with the CIENCE team to optimize their campaigns in an industry space where targeting is difficult. “The workflow was great,” says Bernard M. Chaudoir, Market Manager. “We were in contact as required and had weekly coordinated meetings. They completed the project ahead of schedule. Our project manager was terrific.

Despite the challenges penetrating the physical vapor and atomic level deposition industry, Alicat found the outreach conducted by CIENCE to be a success. “We ultimately met the #’s that we laid out at the start,” says Chaudoir. “CIENCE helped us accelerate market investigation and product launch activities.