How CIENCE Built Top-of-Funnel Tactics for ATL Medical Company

Sales Development

ATL Technology Case Study

About ATL Technology

ATL Technology is a medical technology company that offers engineer-to-engineer interconnect solutions to develop intelligent medical devices. Their approach allows device-makers around the world to work directly with the top-notch engineering team, avoiding spending time and money on middlemen and intermediates. 

The ATL Technology team provides their clients with engineer support during all the phases of their product’s lifecycle, completing both simple changes like design, and creating a full-scale product from scratch. ATL’s main focus is to supply their clients with custom solutions perfect for their business, instead of making connectors that fit lots of standard applications.

Richard Jenkins
Marketing Manager
Medical Device

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: As ATL’s sales cycle may take up to a couple of years, their main challenge was to produce data that helps to determine conversion rates or predict how many SQLs turn into paid projects. Apart from that, they also needed help with top-of-funnel tasks.

Need: ATL Technology is a company that operates on very narrow markets like healthcare, or industrial and consumer products. As their sales team is relatively small, they were looking for a backup partner to help them with very specialized, global lead generation processes and increasing the number of qualified opportunities. 

Opportunity: CIENCE became a perfect solution in providing ATL’s in-house sales team with valuable assistance with outreach. CIENCE helped to run an outbound campaign for them, completed a significant data record, and gave them the possibility to scale their business in the future.  


While searching for ways to outperform their competitors, ATL was looking for someone to help them establish a strong lead generation process. However, once they signed a contract with CIENCE in 2018, they’ve never looked back and this cooperation has been ongoing for three years already. 

CIENCE has demonstrated excellent outreach results, they are attentive to details and easy to communicate with. “Their team’s responsive and helpful,” shares ATL’s Marketing Manager, Richard Jenkins. “If they see one campaign starting to perform poorly, they’ll reach out to us and suggest alternatives.”

CIENCE team keeps clear communication with ATL’s team through weekly reports. They also constantly fill up their sales pipeline with new leads and always try to bring best practices to the table.


As this is ongoing cooperation, the final results are yet to come. However, even now, one can see a sharp increase in ATL Technology brand recognition thanks to content-drip, account-based management (ABM) campaigns. Besides that, ATL has achieved above-industry benchmarks for their email open rates, which is already a big achievement for such a narrow market.

CIENCE has developed an excellent analytics system for ATL, which informs them about a new lead right away. “CIENCE sends an email with a link that leads to a location on our site for a user to fill out a form to download an e-book, for example,” says Jenkins. “We can trace direct leads to their team's efforts, which we’ve also been pleased with.”