Barnett Strategies Case Study

Sales Research and Development

How CIENCE Accelerated Growth For A Marketing And Sales Consulting Firm

About Barnett Strategies

Barnett Strategies works with early-stage software and SaaS companies to accelerate growth results and help entrepreneurs go big and exit big.

After leading marketing and sales at three innovative companies, creating many millions of dollars in revenue and two $100M+ exits, Chris Barnett founded Barnett Strategies to apply his experience to the challenges and goals of software and SaaS startups.

Chris Barnett
Marketing & Advertising

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Multiple (individual for each project)

Product: Multiple (individual for each project)

Goal: Amplify the marketing and sales activities of a consulting firm for its clients

Barnett Strategies is a unique case for CIENCE because we run campaigns for clients of this company. In a sense, we are the Sales & Marketing arm for new startups to generate leads and sales outreach. Thus far, we’ve conducted 5 Sales Development teams and 1 Research project for them.

As Founder Chris Barnett explains, “We’re a marketing and sales consulting firm that focuses on small and mid-sized software companies. Finding reliable and capable vendors is difficult when they’re unknown or offer a large portfolio of services. This task is difficult even with a big budget available. We needed to improve the outbound lead generation of new opportunities and prospects. I share this challenge with 7 of my clients.”
Barnett Strategies works for SaaS startups. Many of these companies are managed by developers who lack expertise in finding clients, building a powerful sales pipeline, and scaling growth. That’s where Barnett comes in with proven methods of running runs sales and marketing. They entrust CIENCE with the top of their sales funnel.


The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Questionnaire is the first step in our cooperation with our customers. Defining the companies and titles to target is essential for the success of both research and sales development.

“CIENCE conducted in-depth research to establish ideal customer profiles for various vendors. They investigated relevant factors like geography, industry sector, company size, functional area, and title. This established what contacts need to be made aware of specific services. They built a database of contact information and gave us access. As a result, they’d create appointments for us with companies we wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

Sales research and development is a filtering process. First, we find the companies and titles that fit the client’s ICP, often combining multiple databases and using advanced tools. Second, we look for contact data. Third, we reach out to them on behalf of our client to start a business-to-business conversation. Our final step in this process is to set an appointment with our client’s sales manager and make sure the prospect shows up.

“This allows the exploration of new opportunities without having to weed through thousands of ad emails from potentially illegitimate or subpar service providers. They also deliver reports that illustrate the number of emails sent, the subscription rate, and the number of confirmed appointments.”


“CIENCE’s approach to lead generation reliably yields scheduled appointments and easily managed sales data. They’re committed to reliable research and delivering results. Their process is unified across clients and widely applicable. This enables clients to coordinate with them and use it correctly.”

Our method has allowed us to successfully conduct sales research and development campaigns throughout our three years of existence. We’ve tested across 121+ industries, with many of our clients in Marketing and IT.

“CIENCE does the research and is focused on results. It’s great that they have good project management, but the results are what make the difference. Anybody can send out an email, but if it’s not with the right message or to the right company, then it’s a waste of time and money. They make sure to have the information necessary to generate the most leads. The inquiries are seen as relevant information and not random spam.”

We know that personalization is the key to successful communication with any prospect. We engage with them on multiple occasions. We know their pain points and emphasize them in our conversations, while also explaining how our clients can solve these problems.

It’s great that they have good project management, but the results are what make the difference.


“We’re aware of hundreds of prospective companies across multiple categories. Having an expansive database of contact information is valuable. LinkedIn is great, but having accurate email addresses and phone numbers effectively streamline the process of reaching out to vendors.”

CIENCE has very strict requirements for sales research, like employing 95%+ deliverability rates and up-to-date contact data. We make sure that your message will get the prospect that fits your Ideal Customer Profile across all channels.

“I use this process with my clients and we’ve had success in getting appointments. They’ve varied in quality and quantity, but we always get a response from someone. Some responders don’t want to sit through a sales presentation but still request more information. We capture all that information and build the sales funnel to close in on those interested, nurture the preliminary ones, and not waste a lot of time on those that ignored the inquiries.”

In addition to contacting companies that you wish to see among your clients, outbound prospecting provides a stable process that’s repeatable and scalable, and continually running this process brings results.