BigBox Lighting Case Study

Sales Development

How A Facilities Services Firm Generated Over 600 Qualified Leads A Month With CIENCE

About BigBox Lighting

BigBox Lighting is a Lighting as-a-Service (LaaS) company and direct sales arm of Foreverlamp®. BigBox Lighting provides businesses like industrial warehouses, convention centers, and other large facilities, with lighting services that reduce their energy usage by 50%–60% percent with zero upfront costs.

Matthew Zullo
Co-Founder of BigBox
Facilities Services

Challenges & Scope

BigBox Lighting came to CIENCE initially for lead research in relevant fields like warehouse owners and aerospace. They were struggling to find accurate data in these niche industries. After CIENCE proved successful with their research, BigBox further expanded their relationship to outbound sales material and email campaigns.

Matthew Zullo, Co-Founder of BigBox, stated “CIENCE would come up with well-researched lists of people within organizations that are either decision makers or influencers of decision makers for our particular pitch. Using those lists, they’d draft email content that we’d further edit. The campaigns would go out and they’d report the results back to us. They consistently updated a campaign data spreadsheet to track progress in real-time.”


“I’ve found their level of service to be excellent throughout the whole process. They’re very responsive and get in touch immediately.”

CIENCE worked on multiple campaigns for BigBox Lighting using various messaging approaches tailored to very specific and niche job titles. By learning the pain points for each persona, CIENCE was able to craft messages which directly impacted these titles in their day to day work.

These efforts generated high-quality responses and quality meetings. Throughout every campaign, CIENCE provided a Project Manager to keep the client up to date on all deliverables and performance.

“Our main point of contact quickly understood the product and the message we wanted to communicate. That adaptability was remarkable considering they likely have to switch mindsets frequently when working on different projects.”


CIENCE generated an average of 600 highly qualified leads per month for BigBox with job titles like Presidents, Logistics Manager, VP Marketing, Chief Operating Officer, Maintenance/ Procurement Managers, Owners, Director-Supply Chain, Director-Operations and Avionics Managers.