How CIENCE Kicked Off Outbound Efforts for BlueBee

Sales Development

BlueBee Case Study

About BlueBee

BlueBee provides diagnostic and research companies with genomic data solutions. Its customizable, cloud-based data platform enables international collaboration and innovation, combining advanced science technologies and high-power computing to propel genomics into the future.

The company sets itself apart as the enterprise-grade, industrialized solution for global life science research and development. The BlueBee Genomics Platform (BGP) delivers guaranteed data residency, best-in-class security, and global compliance throughout the entire analysis process. 

BlueBee’s cohesive BGP framework removes the complexity from analysis and clinical data workflows, with resource optimization, cloud orchestration, and global access of data at any scale. The result is a more robust infrastructure and user-centric experience that enables powerful genomic data solutions with versatility, scalability, and compliance at its core.  

Alison Selle
Director of Global Marketing

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: BlueBee was looking to connect with their potential buyers, but with no previous outbound lead generation campaigns, they needed help from an experienced partner.  

Need: BlueBee wanted to rapidly scale their technology by increasing the top of the funnel with highly qualified leads. Their ideal customer profile (ICP) targeted start-up biotech firms, biotech initial public offerings (IPOs), and then mid- to large-sized biopharma companies.  

Opportunity: To break into one of the most challenging industries, CIENCE created a personalized outbound campaign with a multichannel outreach (phone, email, and social media).


CIENCE had previously conducted a successful outbound campaign for another biotech company: During the fourth-month engagement, CIENCE had set a high number of thirty-two qualified appointments. The cooperation was fruitful, so CIENCE appeared on BlueBee’s radar as a strong referral.

“We could see they were genuinely dedicated to the success of our program and the ROI for our company,” says Alison Selle, Director of Global Marketing at BlueBee.


During the three-month campaign, CIENCE broke into the tough industry market and provided BlueBee with two-hundred social connections and at least a dozen qualified opportunities.

BlueBee was particularly impressed with CIENCE’s research capabilities, opening some doors that BlueBee didn’t know existed. 

“The team expanded our potential market by finding companies we had never even heard of. They had a wealth of performance data for this type of work and acted as a true extension of our team,” says Selle. “Other companies have said they will act as an extension of your team before, but CIENCE actually did this.”