How CIENCE’s Personal Engagement Got Top Results for CB Pacific

Sales Development

CB Pacific Case Study

About Client

CB Pacific Inc. is a manufacturer's representative and distributor firm in the Pacific Northwest. They represent companies that create hardware, software, and industrial automation products centered around making plants run more efficiently. 


CBP arranges assistance and training in the automation and manufacturing sectors to optimize workflows and implement best practices. They offer support to engineers, integrators, OEMs, and end-users, with one of the largest groups of application engineers and trainers in the Pacific Northwest. 

CB Pacific provides quality instrumentation and process control equipment to such industries as aerospace, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and power and water utilities. It represents firms like GE, Valtek, Yokogawa, MSA, and DeZURIK.

Gregory A. Santos
Director of Business Development
Industrial Automation

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: CB Pacific was involved in a merger with GE, which opened a new uncharted territory of thousands of clients they were now responsible for. Each of those customers had to find out about the services CB Pacific provides.

Need: CB Pacific needed CIENCE to reach the existing and new customers to schedule in-person, introductory meetings. 

Opportunity: CIENCE validated the lead lists that CBP provided and integrated them into the carefully crafted outbound campaigns. By precisely orchestrating the outreach, CIENCE drove qualified in-person appointments to the CB Pacific’s pipeline and raised its brand awareness. 


CB Pacific needed to reach every existing and new customer, and inform them of CB’s services. It would be a huge undertaking for any company, but CIENCE seemed like a perfect fit for it. 

“CIENCE is the Swiss Army knife of customer engagement. They very quickly understood the goals, regardless of the market or customer base. They have a toolkit of solutions to provide everything from lead generation to website creation.” says Gregory A. Santos, director of business development at CB Pacific.


During the three-year engagement, CIENCE delivered over 5,000 emails, made over 3,000 calls, and created several custom landing pages, all of which resulted in more than 300 qualified appointments. 

“CIENCE assisted us in outreach to existing and potential customers in a brand-new territory, in an effort to schedule in-person, introductory meetings,” says Santos. “This included distilling large contact lists, creating a professional landing page, and automatically scheduling meetings in Outlook for different sales team members.”

CIENCE used multiple integral tools to quickly put together and manage a professional campaign up to the CB Pacific needs. “The primary outcome we were hoping for was in-person meetings, but we saw an uptick in brand awareness as well,” says Santos.