How CIENCE Generates Leads and Conducts Research For ChannelApe

Sales Development

ChannelApe Case Study

About ChannelApe

ChannelApe is a modern warehousing and fulfillment solutions company focused on helping brands grow using an innovative approach to fulfillment through one network, one platform, and as one partner. 

ChannelApe provides the technology for today’s most innovative brands and understands the best practices when it comes to ordering fulfillment. The company is actively building a fulfillment network of 3PL providers throughout the US, Canada, and has expanded internationally to the UK, Europe, and Asia.

Dr. Jason DePietropaolo
Co-Founder, Chief Success Office

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Direct to Consumer eCommerce.

Product: 3PL warehouse and fulfillment management solutions for brands and businesses.

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for ChannelApe. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they conduct orchestrated outbound campaigns.


I selected CIENCE for their communication and rapid response to our suggestions. They valued our input and were eager to take our recommendations or offer feedback when they thought we might be off track.” – Dr. Jason DePietropaolo, Co-founder of ChannelApe.

In August 2019, ChannelApe was experiencing difficulty targeting specific companies they wanted to do business within the fulfillment industry. That’s when they found CIENCE and requested assistance generating leads and running outbound cold email campaigns.

The goal was landing qualified meetings for their account executives. During the partnership, CIENCE helped ChannelApe target leads in the U.S. and Canada with several orchestrated cold email and phone outreach campaigns.

“It solves the problem of us not having the resources internally to manage such a campaign,” said Dr. DePietopaolo.


As a result of the partnership, ChannelApe succeeded in its goal of landing qualified meetings with some of the top direct-to-consumer brands in the fulfillment industry.

Throughout the partnership, CIENCE acted as an extension of ChannelApe’s team, being open to all ideas and suggestions. In addition, CIENCE was completely transparent of all activities conducted during the campaign, generating detailed reports on all interactions with prospects.

“The quality I loved the most about the CIENCE was their attention to detail and their rapid communication and turn around,” said Dr. DePietropaolo.

Thanks to CIENCE’s thoughtful and thorough research team, as well as their consideration of frequent communication, ChannelApe felt comfortable with CIENCE as a teammate throughout the entire outbound process. Dr. DePietropaolo believes that they received a full return on their investment.

“We have worked with other teams where we emailed or Slacked them and they would not respond for a day. This is not CIENCE, they are attentive and focus on details and are really eager to please,” said DePeitpaolo.