Conquest Imaging Case Study

Lead Generation and Research

How CIENCE Re-imagined Lead Generation For Conquest Imagining

About Conquest Imaging

Conquest Imaging was founded in 2000 to fill a need in the industry for third-party, ultrasound service excellence. Since then, Conquest Imaging has become the total ultrasound solution for healthcare providers nationally through quality parts, probes, repair, comprehensive service programs, and 24/7 technical support. 

As a leading ultrasound distributor, Conquest Imaging provides machines and machine parts to hospitals, medical facilities, and imaging centers around the country. They maintain a diverse selection of ultrasound systems, peripherals, and components. 

Additionally, Conquest Imaging has several medical imaging repair technicians that can perform preventative ultrasound machine repair services. And they offer a training program that teaches their clients how to deliver high-quality service and support.

Jacqueline Guerra
Marketing Communications Manager
Medical Devices

Challenges & Scope

ICP: Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Biomedical Companies

Product: Ultrasound distribution and service company

CIENCE Technologies coordinates the lead generation efforts for Conquest Imaging. After researching appropriate industries and clients, CIENCE transfers qualified leads to Conquest Imaging’s internal team to pursue.


They were very helpful, attentive, and they made me feel valued.” – Jacqueline Guerra, Marketing Communications Manager.

Conquest Imaging initially chose to work with CIENCE because they were experiencing a downward trend in inbound traffic. They wanted to explore outbound strategies as a potential way to raise revenue. They didn’t have the internal resources required to achieve their goals and, while exploring outbound assistance, contacted CIENCE.

CIENCE explained all their services before we started an official contract, and they got ahead of the learning curve early,” says Jacqueline Guerra. “They were very friendly, and they assured me that I could be as involved or as distant as I wanted or needed to be. I shared all our offerings and target marketing, including our messaging, dynamic content, and automated programs. We outlined the gaps in our strategy, and they set up a plan”.


Conquest Imaging and CIENCE first partnered in March 2019. Jacqueline Guerra explains, “Every week, they gave us an update on the results at every level. They sent us a lot of data, including feedback, correspondence, and qualified leads.

Conquest Imaging had an order within the first month of our partnership.

Within three months, they had gained three new clients and secured several additional transactions. 

CIENCE is a very responsive company,” says Jacqueline Guerra. “Whenever I had a question, they would write back quickly. They asked the right follow-up questions and often had all the information they needed within an hour.”