How CIENCE Generates Leads and Takes Dreyev to Market

Sales Development

Dreyev Case Study

About Dreyev

Dreyev provides an Intelligent Vision Safety System for fleet owners, insurance carriers, and car OEMs to reduce collisions caused by distracted and drowsy drivers. An AI-powered virtual coach assesses driving risks and provides warnings, customized in real-time to improve driver’s attentiveness at all times.

Dreyev’s team of passionate, cross-disciplinary professionals (including software engineers and industry/venture capital experts) help fleet managers with detailed driving behavior analytics and real-time driver coaching to select and retain the best drivers, as well as push insurance costs down. Their service also allows insurers to get a better understanding of drivers’ propensity for risk, enabling tailored, more competitive risk-based premiums.

Malgorzata Stys
CEO and Co-Founder
Information Technology & Services

Challenges & Scope

Challenge: Compete with larger driver safety companies to obtain contracts with larger fleet operator clients so they’ll use Dreyev’s advanced Driver Safety Platform.

ICP: Local delivery services, utility services, construction companies. 

Solution: CIENCE Technologies coordinated lead generation efforts for Dreyev. After researching appropriate industries and clients, they created and coordinated cold-email campaigns using multiple channels including emails, phone calls, and a landing page.


“We appreciated working with an excellent, cooperative team. They were all knowledgeable and diligent. Great responsiveness.” – Malgorzata Stys, CEO, and Co-Founder at Dreyev.

In November 2019, Dreyev sought assistance from CIENCE to help them find and target larger clients to purchase their advanced Driver Safety Platform in order to overcome their competition. Dreyev is a service that fleet operators can use to minimize accident costs, attract and retain drivers, and minimize fuel consumption to improve their bottom line.

CIENCE referenced the company’s ideal customer profile to begin the process of generating account-based lead lists and crafting outbound marketing campaigns for Dreyev, specifically targeting local delivery services, utility services, and construction companies in designated locations.

During the contract, CIENCE worked seamlessly with Dreyev to complete these tasks on time, utilizing frequent communications, meetings, and great organization and documentation for reporting on data/metrics throughout the active campaigns.

“The Best part was [CIENCE’s] due diligence, awesome responsiveness of the Team we were directly involved with,” said Stys.


According to Dreyev, CIENCE’s research and outbound activities proved quite successful with the team taking on the impressive, proactive initiative when necessary to complete the job and meet the goals set.

“CIENCE has been incredibly helpful, professional, and consistent in creating lead generation and sales appointments for our company,” said Stys.

As a result of the partnership with CIENCE, Dreyev was able to gain valuable prospect lists and secure meetings with new clients that led to partnerships.

Other upsides included, “clarity of process, the responsiveness of the CIENCE Team, clear success metrics, and flexibility and change of directions when needed,” said Stys.